Corporate Services


As a client in charge of an event you require your vehicles to arrive right on time, damage free, consistently. At Reliable Carriers, we understand the time sensitive nature of events. We consider ourselves part of your team and our personnel are dedicated to doing our part to ensure your event is successful. Whether you have 3 vehicles or 3 Thousand to transport, Reliable Carriers has the experience and capabilities for the dependable auto show transport you require.


  • Auto Shows
  • Research & Design Clinics
  • Concourse
  • Vehicle Reveals
  • Engineering Tests
  • Media & Marketing
  • Photo Shoots
  • Tours
  • Commercials
  • Reviews
  • Special Events
  • Media Ride and Drives
  • Vehicle Launches
  • Movie Shoots
  • High security

Vehicles and Properties We Transport

  • High Value Distribution
  • Pre-Production Models
  • Concepts
  • Prototypes
  • Engineering Tests
  • Clay and Foam Models
  • High Security Properties
  • Camouflaged
  • Cutaways
  • Bodies in White
  • Seat Bucks
  • Classics
  • Instrumented
  • Ballast Vehicles
  • Chassis Displays
  • Calibrated
  • Commercial
  • Crash Test
  • Race Cars
  • And many others


Reliable Carriers has extensive experience transporting high value low volume throughout the United States and Canada. Our specialized equipment is extremely versatile allowing us to haul all variations of vehicles regardless of low ground effects, extra height, extra width and most accessories.


Whether it is a future property, clay model, concept or a pre-reveal vehicle, Reliable Carriers has the equipment and expertise to transport your property in a completely secure environment. Our team performs high-end security auto transport moves almost every day. In addition to our own security protocol, all drivers follow instructions provided by the client explicitly. Your specific security standards will be adhered to at all times.

Secure Properties

  • Pre-Reveal
  • Clay and Foam Models
  • Concourse
  • Test Units
  • Pre-Production
  • Camouflaged
  • Units Under Embargo
  • Prototypes
  • Engineering Properties
  • All Other Highly Confidential Units


Technological integrations in our industry tend to be client be specific and very unique. Our state of the art hardware and custom software allow us to integrate with all clients regardless of a wide variety of demands and requirements. We are fortunate to have a technology support system that is robust enough to handle large volumes of data yet nimble enough to provide services that are quite unique to each client.

Examples of our Technological Services

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capable
  • Electronic Proof of delivery (ePOD) capable
  • Online Order Submission service
  • Online Vehicle Tracking service
  • Detailed Reporting and performance metrics available upon request
  • State of the art software that is highly modifiable to meet needs that are client specific
  • Entire fleet equipped with our custom application
  • Truck friendly mobile GPS/HOS/ELD
  • Real time load status updates
  • Superior driver communication
  • Advanced performance reporting
  • Driver performance maintenance system
  • Preventative Maintenance System


Not Your Typical Driver
Our drivers do more than back up to a dock,load and go. They put a face to our company and interact with engineers, photographers, producers and many other professionals. They are highly trained.


  • Onsite support at all major auto shows, large events and when specifically requested by a client.
  • Act as a liaison between the driver, client, freight forwarders, customs agents and all other support groups as needed
  • Provide expedited team drivers to cut transit time in half upon request
  • Provide updates during the move process including status, changes and delay notifications
  • Provide minor detailing services and onboard trailer storage
  • Provide “Stay With” onsite support service when requested
  • Logistics Division with access to over 300 partner carriers