Good evening.

I am astounded and grateful beyond belief that you were able to have your company deliver the car today.

Your vehicle transportation specialist, Stanley Crawford, did an outstanding job. He was extremely professional, polite and engaging. I wish my employees were half as good as him.

I know my car was not a Ferrari or Bugatti. However, you have treated me as though my car was a Pebble Beach Concourse vehicle.

Your service and generosity was better than I could ever have hoped for.

Thank you very much to you and Reliable Carriers. You truly take vehicles seriously…… along with customer service.

Best regards,
Ken Croutch

Hi Bob…I wanted to drop you a note regarding Jim Alley and to share our experience with the hauls back and forth to the Atlanta Concours with Reliable. As usual, the experience was top-notch. Jim Alley went out of his way to keep us informed, was timely in his responses and completely professional. This is the first time we have worked with him and were very impressed. Once again, we won Best in Class and were in contention for Best in Show and were pleased we were able to share it with him. Congratulations on another superlative effort!

David & Doreen Salzman

These guys are the best. Professional Reliable, Honest. You won’t be disappointed. Everyone we came in contact with was excellent. The drivers, Mr. and Mrs. Patton are welcome in my home anytime, they were very experienced and stayed in touch throughout the entire trip to California. Damon Sewell, sales manger, met and exceeded all expectations.

Thank you Ms. Ganley and Mrs. Ramamoorthy for your confidence in Reliable Carriers and the great note. We’ll pass it on to all of the Reliable team. From: Katherine Ganley [mailto:Katherine.Ganley@******.com] Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2015 10:31 AM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Thank you – Safe delivery of 4 automobiles from Hershey Good morning Mr. Sellers; Mrs. Becky Ramamoorthy wanted me to reach out on behalf of herself and Mr. Bala Ramamoorthy to thank you and all the team members we worked with at Reliable Transportation. Phillip Buchanan delivered the 4 automobiles purchased from the Hershey Auction in perfect order and on a timely schedule basis. All team members; Mike and Cindy White, Laura, Phillip, and of course yourself, were very professional, helpful, and timely with responses. The entire experience was handled with First Class attention. Thank you again and we wish all of you a great weekend, Sincerely, Katherine Ganley Katherine Ganley | Sr. Executive Assistant | www.******.com phone:301.340.****x**** | 1.800.776.**** | fax:+1.301.340.***** | skype:

That makes it all worth while.
Very nice note

Bob Sellers
Vice President/COO
Reliable Carriers, Inc.
41555 Koppernick Rd
Canton, MI  48187
Office:  (734) 453-6677 ext. 6262
Mobile:  (413) 537-3354
E-mail:  bsellers@reliable-carriers.com

From: Dale Wilson
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 4:12 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Subject: Fwd: friendly ford

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Begin forwarded message:
From: <YOCKEYR@*******.com>
Date: September 28, 2015 at 4:06:44 PM EDT
To: <dwilson@reliable-carriers.com>

Subject: Friendly Ford

Reliable Carriers Inc.


I just wanted to take a few minutes to extend to you my appreciation and 100% satisfaction on Reliable Carriers for handling my transportation needs.

I would like to give you just a little story on the significance of this transportation event.

Two years ago I purchased a very rare 1940 Ford cabriolet. After a very extensive frame off restoration, my wife and I decided to have this vehicle shipped cross-country for a once in a lifetime 17 day, touring vacation to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and the exciting news that my wife has overcome her melanoma and is cancer free. What a better way to celebrate than to take a vintage car throughout Oregon and Northern California. I must admit I was somewhat nervous trying to coordinate our flight arrival time with the vehicle delivery time. As it turns out, I had the pleasure of working with Reliable carrier  driver Michael Mertz. Michael was extremely polite and conscientious of our car and clearly took every precaution necessary to ensure a speedy delivery. He met us in front of our hotel within two hours of our flight arrival time. That was unbelievable. We land, drive to our hotel, check-in and I get a phone call from Michael.  He’s 30 min. out
Not only does he get there within our time frame, he unloads the car and then brings out wax and towels and starts to wipe down our car.

I had the same experience when it was time to reload the car and deliver back to my hometown

The morning of the departure date your driver Tina Cooper gave us adequate notice of her arrival time and met us at our designated location within 10 min. of her estimated time. Tina was a pleasure to work with and just like Michael was very conscientious of our vehicle and needs. Her professionalism along with her passion for what she’s doing was refreshing. Once again she gave us a heads up with adequate notice of the arrival time and arrived within minutes of her estimated time.

Owning a Ford dealership over the last 25 years and in the Ford dealership fixed operations business for my entire career of 43 years and counting,  I clearly understand the importance of customer satisfaction. It not only takes good quality employees with passion it takes a great management team and ownership. As owners we are only as good as our team. Clearly Reliable carriers gets it. It was an extreme pleasure working with Dale Wilson and his drivers. Dale oversaw the entire process and for this I am grateful.

Once again I cannot extend my 100% satisfaction enough with the overall process. Just like automotive dealerships there are many transportation companies out there. Everybody says they’re great. Everybody says they’re number one. In all my years I’ve never worked with such a professional transportation company and will continue to use Reliable carriers for my transportation needs.

Randy Yockey
Friendly Ford
333 E. Irving Park Rd., Roselle, IL 60172

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Stevenson,

We certainly appreciate the kind words. And Scott & Becky West are a GREAT team! Cool cars, the best customers, the best drivers, beautiful trucks…….yeah, we’re kinda spoiled here at Reliable Carriers…….

From: Denny and Carol [mailto:papadenny@*******com] Sent: Saturday, August 01, 2015 7:33 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Cc: ‘Gary Bennett’
Subject: Thanks


Thanks for sending such a great team Scott and Becky (West) are a great team and they were so kind and careful with my Nomad and in the 45 years of shipping classics no defect were found in paint, body, bright work and chrome so this testifies to it’s beauty and they both blown away and gave me top rack priority.

Thanks for everything

Denny Stevenson

From: Dale Wilson
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 4:56 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Subject: Fwd: Re: RE:


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Begin forwarded message:
From: Kent Hussey <kenthussey@******.com>
Date: August 24, 2015 at 4:48:41 PM EDT
To: Dale Wilson <Dwilson@reliable-carriers.com>
Subject: Re: RE:
Both cars are here safe and sound. Both drivers were great at communicating and arrived right on their last estimated time. That’s the Reliable I have come to love.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks Mr. Rinehart,

You make us blush……..


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Begin forwarded message:
From: Bill Rhinehart <bill.rhinehart@*******.com>
Date: August 22, 2015 at 4:42:25 AM GMT+8
To: “t@reliable-carriers.com”
Subject: Miller Collection

I am the curator of the Miller collection, at Miller Motorsports Park.
You folks do a lot of moving for us.
This last weekend, we sent three cars to Monterey and the Quail for Ford.
We had two GT 350 Mustangs, one an R car.
The other car was Ford GT 40 # 1015, LeMans and Daytona winner.
This car was displayed with the brand new 2016 Ford GT prototype.
Lori Gaskill was our driver.
She was amazing.
She is so good with the cars, and not to mention, and fabulous driver.
Her equipment is spotless.
Just wanted to let you know what a great job you guys do.
And wanted to applaud Lori especially.
We are sending a Daytona Coupe in just a couple of days to England.
You are doing the shipping to the coast to air freight it.
Thanks again.


Bill Rhinehart

Ford Racing School
Miller Performance
Direct: 435-277-****
Cell: 801-***-****

Miller Sports Properties

Thank you for taking time to share your most recent transport experience.
We are very proud to have both Mike and Dirc on our team. Truly great customer service is driven by our employees and certainly Mike and Dirc are great examples of this.

I will be sure to share a copy of your note with our Operations Group and Thank You for choosing Reliable Carriers, Inc.

Bob Sellers
Vice President/COO
Reliable Carriers, Inc.
41555 Koppernick Rd
Canton, MI 48187
Office: (734) 453-6677 ext. 6262
Mobile: (413) 537-3354
E-mail: bsellers@reliable-carriers.com

From: Couchhw@aol.com [mailto:Couchhw@*****.com] Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2015 12:26 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Cc: Mike Klawitter; dircklein@yahoo.com
Subject: Thank you (Again!)

Mr. Sellers,

It is with great pleasure that I once again express to you my most sincere thanks and appreciation for the
OUTSTANDING work as performed by Mr. Mike Klawitter in arranging shipping details for my recent car purchase and for Mr. Dirc Klein in transporting my car in a flawless manner.

Like my previous experience last January with Reliable Carriers in transporting a new car from Massachusetts to my residence in Northern Virginia, Mike and Dirc ensured that my latest purchase from a dealership in Raleigh, NC to my residence was conducted in “PERFECT” fashion.

Mike ensured that all shipping details of the transport were carefully addressed and Dirc ensured that the car was transported from the dealership to my residence in a flawless manner.

Both Mike and Dirc are very professional and are truly outstanding individuals to work with.

Please relay my deep appreciation for a Job Well Done to both Mike and Dirc.

I will definitely contact Mike Klawitter at Reliable Carriers if I were to need to transport another car…and if possible, request Dirc Klein as the driver. They make an outstanding team!

Howard W. Couch, Jr.

Wow. High praise indeed! Thank you Mr. Goldin for those kind words and thanks to Reliable Carriers Professional Driver Ron Johnson. One of the best!

From: Steve Goldin [mailto:****@yahoo.com]

Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2015 9:34 AM
To: Kevin Seckinger
Subject: Greenwood Corvette pick up

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for coordinating the transport of my Lemans Corvette racecar from Charlotte to Miami. This is a very rare racecar and a model of this car sits on Toms desk in Michigan . It is also a difficult car to move and load in a trailer .
My partner in Charlotte, Matt McSwain (former crew chief for Ryan Newman NASCAR team) contacted me this week after the car was loaded to share thoughts on how exceptional and professional the Reliable Driver was in loading the corvette .
Often times we only hear about problematic situations and overlook those team members who provide extraordinary service . We are very fortunate to have a great relationship with Reliable and appreciate the efforts provided by your drivers and your Orlando based dispatch coordinator.
Thank you again for your efforts on my behalf and please let the driver know that we recognize his efforts as well.
Steve Goldin

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On Apr 8, 2015, at 5:06 PM, Kevin Seckinger <kseckinger@reliable-carriers.com> wrote:

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Begin forwarded message:
From: “Hanby, Deb” <dhan@*****.com>
Date: April 7, 2015 at 7:41:42 AM EDT
To: John Golembiowski <JGolembiowski@reliable-carriers.com>
Cc: “Hanby, Deb” <dhan@******.com>
Hi John,

Please see below. Please pass these nice compliments along to the drivers.

Thank you!


From: Kathy Giger [mailto:kathy@******.com] Sent: Monday, April 06, 2015 9:56 PM
To: Hanby, Deb; Binder, Rebecca
Subject: RE: drivers number?

Hi Rebecca and Deb,

I just would like to pass along that both of the drivers below were great. They both were the most professional, pleasant vehicle transport drivers I have ever experienced.

Please pass this along to their company for me.


Kathy Giger
Sponsorship Services
Sea Otter Classic, Inc.
(***) 578-**** mobile
2015 Sea Otter Classic – April 16-19

From: Hanby, Deb [mailto:dhan@*******.com] Sent: Monday, April 06, 2015 9:34 AM
To: Binder, Rebecca; Kathy Giger
Subject: RE: drivers number?

Hi Rebecca,

Drivers are …

Dean Bermudez 562 335-8774
Dave Erickson 209-662-2634

Thank you!


From: Binder, Rebecca
Sent: Monday, April 06, 2015 12:32 PM
To: Kathy Giger
Cc: Hanby, Deb
Subject: RE: drivers number?


Would you be able to help with the question below? For the vehicles arriving today?

Rebecca Binder | Promotions and Sponsorship Specialist | o: 856.488.3490 | c: 516.526.3399

From: Kathy Giger [mailto:kathy@*******.com] Sent: Monday, April 06, 2015 12:28 PM
To: Binder, Rebecca
Subject: drivers number?


Is there any way for me to get the transport driver’s number?

I would like to get a heads up on when the vehicles are arriving today if possible.


Kathy Giger
Sponsorship Services
Sea Otter Classic, Inc.
(***) 578-3116 mobile
2015 Sea Otter Classic – April 16-19

Thanks Mike and thanks to RCI professional driver Rafael Alonso for another great job done…… From: Mike Erdodi [mailto:mike.erdodi@*****.com] Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 10:18 AM To: George Keller Subject: 2015 Amelia island Hi George, Just wanted to thank you for helping me out again this year at Amelia Island by assigning Rafael to my load. Once again Rafael proved to be a huge asset to me in getting through this event smoothly. He worked hard, and did one heck of a job. Thanks! Mike Erdodi GMNA Design Center-Mechanical Assembly Specialty/Historical Vehicle Coordinator eCVMS Coordinator c:586-***-**** f:586-986-5955

Nice job Reliable Carriers, Inc professional driver Frank Rivera! And thank you Mr. Bake for these kind words. From: Bob Bake [mailto:bob@******.com] Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 10:36 AM To: Dave Mesack Subject: Frank Rivera Living in Plymouth made RELIABLE a convenient company to relocate our car to Boca Grande Florida. I did have some trepidation as to how it would all work out…when it would leave Canton and when it would arrive in Boca Grande, etc. I dropped it off on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 10:15 AM and to my surprise received a call from FRANK RIVERA on Friday afternoon. He was somewhere south and asked all the IMPORTANT questions beginning with….when can you receive the car and are you in Florida now? Of course I was still in Plymouth. I responded by saying my flight arrived in Ft. Myers at noon on Saturday. He responded by saying he had several deliveries before mine. We agreed that I would call him from the airport on Saturday when I retrieved my luggage. I called him after collecting my luggage and he said he was on I 75 thirty miles North of the airport and would meet me at the rest stop exit at Daniels Blvd/i75 in 30 minutes. I grabbed a taxi and 7 minutes later I’m reunited with our car. FRANK RIVERA IS MY CANDIDATE FOR EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH OR YEAR. He placed service above self and used his intellect to make decisions in-behalf of Reliable and the customer. It saved RELIABLE time as well as money in avoiding the leg to Boca Grande. I was astonished with the results and believe you have an unusually conscientious employee deserving of this note. Robert W. Bake Associate Broker BAKE Real Estate www.*******.com Mobile: ***.***.2175 Selling Northville & Plymouth since 1967.

Thank you Mr. Potter and we’re all looking forward to a great season of NASCAR racing!!

From: “Potter, James” <JPotter@******.com>
Date: February 14, 2015 at 5:18:19 PM EST
To: “Dale Wilson (Dwilson@reliable-carriers.com)” <Dwilson@reliable-carriers.com>
Cc: “Ledbetter, Dale” <DLedbetter@******.com>
Subject: Best ever shipping experience

I thought I would I let you know that the last car we shipped (’68 Dodge Dart to NV), was probably the best shipping experience I have ever seen.  The driver (John Ullrich) called me several days in advance to let us know of his tentative schedule and that it could possibly change, he made sure we were ready and asked what hours/days he could pick it up.  He also touched base a day before coming as well as a couple hours away.  He was very helpful loading the car in regards to advising the customer on had a special request the customer had for covering his car.  He also communicated with the customer in advance, who was very pleased with the shipping experience.  The most surprising phone call of all, was one after the car was dropped off, just to let me know it made it safe and sound.  Spending the extra time to call me and the customer (before, during, and after) has set a new level of professionalism and courtesy.  I hope this email makes it all the way up the chain, and I think he should be commended for his excellent work.  I believe he truly cares about the cars and the customers, and his communication is second to none!

Best regards,

James Potter
Retail Operations Manager
Hendrick Performance
4400 Papa Joe Hendrick Blvd
Charlotte NC 28262
704-***-**** Office
704-***-**** Cell
704-***-**** Fax



From: Sue Van Kampen [mailto:SUE@*******.COM] Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2015 8:34 AM
To: Kelly Purchis
Subject: Website Contact Form Results

From: Sue Van Kampen
Website Contact Form Results
First Name: Sue
Last Name: Van Kampen
Company: Van Kampen Trucking
Phone: 616-***-****
Email Address: SUE@******.COM
Reliable Carriers Location: Canton, MI
Department: Other
Just want to let you know that order #01034439-0 was delivered this morning at 8am we purchased a 1956 Ford Pick up from Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale a couple of weeks ago
The vehicle was in perfect shape when it was delivered
Phil the driver was very pleasant & wonderful to deal with. He kept us updated on when the vehicle would be delivered & he was on time
We will for sure use Reliable Carriers for all our vehicle moves
Thank you
Marv & Sue Van Kampen

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Reliable Carriers, Inc. (https://www.reliablecarriers.com)

From: Kevin Pool [mailto:Kevin.Pool@******.com] Sent: Monday, February 02, 2015 3:30 PM
To: John Golembiowski
Cc: Matt Altieri; Brenda Thoman; Michelle Gole
Subject: Thank you!


Hope you are well this snowy Monday!

I wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for the exceptional service provided by you and your drivers John Hanna and Rico. Our client was most particular, especially when it came to his R8, and quite honestly, really gave us a run for our money. Your guys handled the load and delivery with care and expertise and our transferee was very very pleased upon its arrival.

Moving forward, we would like to establish an account with you for high value autos our clients wish to ship.

Thanks John.

Kevin R. Pool, CRP
Relocation Director, National Accounts

Executive Class
5575 Venture Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44130
Cell: 419-***-****

You’re very welcome Greg. We appreciate your business. And I agree, Moe and Lissa Lidy ARE super professionals.

Jim, the car just arrived. Mike Klawitter was great to work with and the husband and wife team (Moe and Lisa) were super professionals.

As expected, Reliable Carrier did a 1st class job!

Gregory M. Feary
Managing Partner

Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C.
10 West Market Street, Suite 1500
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-***-**** (direct)
317-***-**** (office)
317-***-**** (fax)

Thank you Mr. Couch for these kind words. And thanks to RCI professionals Mike Klawitter and Rick Howard!

From: Couchhw@****.com [mailto:Couchhw@****.com]

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 8:16 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Cc: Mike Klawitter
Subject: Thank You (Very Much!)

To: Dear Mr. Sellers,
Please allow me to express my most sincere appreciation to two outstanding members of your team at Reliable Carriers…specifically Mr. Mike Klawitter in customer service and Mr. Rick Howard a transport driver.

I recently purchased a new car out of state in Wakefield Massachusetts that I needed to transport to my residence in Northern Virginia. It is a very special car and I wanted to very best company that I could find to transport my new car in an enclosed carrier.

I was referred to your company by a friend and in making my initial call, I was very fortunate to have reached Mr. Mike Klawitter. Mike was most professional in his manner and his confidence in Reliable Carriers ability to transport my car in perfect fashion. He quickly won me over resulting in my decision to select Reliable Carriers for the transport.

In executing the delivery, Mike’s superb customer service, attention to detail and complete confidence in Reliable Carriers performance was truly refreshing. I especially want to commend Mike for his patience with me stating numerous times how I wanted to car to be delivered in “perfect” condition.

Well the day of delivery proved that Mike was 100% correct. The truck as driven by Mr. Rick Howard pulled up in front of my house right on time. As Mr. Howard drove my car out of the truck before a large gathering of family and neighbors…it was clear that the car was indeed transported and delivered in perfect condition.

I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for the services of reliable carriers…especially the services of Mike Klawitter and Rick Howard. Mike and Rick are true professionals and serve as outstanding Ambassadors for Reliable carriers, Inc.

Very respectfully,

Howard W. Couch, Jr.

Thank very much for your business Mr. Salzman! And Reliable Carriers professional driver Mike Richards!

From: David Salzman [mailto:dsalzman@******.net] Sent: Friday, January 09, 2015 12:48 PM
To: Kelly Purchis
Subject: Website Contact Form Results

From: David Salzman
Website Contact Form Results
First Name: David
Last Name: Salzman
Phone: ***-***-0144
Email Address: dsalzman@*****.net
Reliable Carriers Location: Orlando, FL
Department: Operations
I just wanted to say “Job Well Done” to Mike Richards our driver for order #1030985. Our Dual-Ghia arrived safe and sound after a trip just before the recent bad weather hit most of the country. He was expert and professional and has a great sense of humor. We would be glad to have him haul for us again.
David Salzman

From: Larry Donatelli Sent: Monday, December 15, 2014 9:54 AM To: ‘Bw’ Cc: Steve Bradley; Bob Sellers Subject: RE: Customer Service Thank you Brian. We always appreciate hearing from customers on our drivers performance. It is always nice to hear good news. We strive to deliver this type of performance with every customer. Thank you for your business. Larry Donatelli 734 453-6677 x 6281 ldonatelli@reliable-carriers.com —–Original Message—– From: Bw [mailto:bw9600@*****.com] Sent: Friday, December 12, 2014 10:03 AM To: Larry Donatelli Subject: Customer Service I would like to express my gratitude to your company for having Brian and Jessie transport my 1975 Monte Carlo from Amarillo Texas to Findlay Ohio. I have never experienced such great customer care-anywhere! Brian and Jessie are professionals down to the letter. Both were very kind and followed up with me on several occasions after the job was done. I appreciate that so much. You have a real gold nugget with that couple. Because of my experience with them, you have a lifetime customer, and another referral base. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Brian W.

From: Gil Richardson [mailto:grich63ss@******.net] Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2014 11:35 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Subject: Re: MCACN Chicago

Just a note to acknowledge how pleased I was with your company’s service. My Impala is now home in it’s garage and I know of no problems.
Paul and Anita Ellis did the pick up, Mike and Cindy Price at the show looking after things regarding unloading and loading, and Joe Hardy delivering it back to Blaine. All very courteous and professional.
Perhaps every move does not go as smoothly as this one but for me it could not have been better.

Many thanks to you and your company.



Gil Richardson

Thank you Jerry! Reliable Carriers, Inc. Professional Driver Chris Woodward brings the quality once again. Fun fact: Chris is one of the RCI drivers that last summer was honored to bring Don “The Snake” Prudhomme’s circa 1971 NHRA AA/FC – Mattel Toy’s Hot Wheels auto hauler & funny car from Reno, NV to Detroit for the debut of the Snake & Mongoose movie.

From: Jerry Quinnell <rdstr63@*****l.com>
Date: November 17, 2014 at 4:32:30 PM PST
To: <dwilson@reliable-carriers.com>
Subject: Delivery of cars from Mecum Anaheim

Hi Dale,

Chris did a great job delivering my 2 cars last night. You are now 4 for 4 on delivering my cars flawlessly! I really appreciate your team working around my travel schedule and the willingness to make a light night delivery. Everyone at Reliable has been so pleasant and easy to do business with. I look forward to using Reliable soon at an upcoming Mecum auction!

Thanks Again,

Jerry Quinnell
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That’s not just ANY team Eddie! That’s the Herrings……thank you for your business and enjoy that beautiful ’66 Vette!!

From: Eddie Daughtrey [mailto:edaughtrey@*******.com] Sent: Monday, November 03, 2014 4:14 PM
To: Bob Sellers
Subject: My 66 Corvette


My car arrived today and I was very pleased with the service. The husband and wife team that handled the delivery were very nice and very good. I couldn’t be happier. I would not hesitate to use your services again.


Edmond R Daughtrey, CPA
Daughtrey, Haag & Salamy PC
351 McLaws Circle, Suite 2
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Ph ***-229-****
Fx ***-229-***

That’s not just ANY team Eddie! That’s the Herrings……thank you for your business and enjoy that beautiful ’66 Vette!! From: Eddie Daughtrey [mailto:edaughtrey@*******.com] Sent: Monday, November 03, 2014 4:14 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: My 66 Corvette Bob, My car arrived today and I was very pleased with the service. The husband and wife team that handled the delivery were very nice and very good. I couldn’t be happier. I would not hesitate to use your services again. Thanks Eddie Edmond R Daughtrey, CPA Daughtrey, Haag & Salamy PC 351 McLaws Circle, Suite 2 Williamsburg, VA 23185 Ph ***-229-**** Fx ***-229-*** edaughtrey@*******.com

—–Original Message—– From: sickhatch007@*****.com [mailto:sickhatch007@******.com] Sent: Friday, October 31, 2014 11:07 AM To: Steve Bradley Subject: feedback   My name is Kenny Vinces and on Monday Oct 27th 2014 i had my 2015 honda fit picked in North Bergen NJ and transported to LA prep in California by Brian and Jessie and from the moment they showed up it was A+ service, ive worked with many transport companies/drivers but these 2 were by far the best and thats the truth!!!! I thank them from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of my car and the communication was just out of this world, thankyou and i will be doing business with Reliable transport again in the near future!!   Kenny Vinces ***-580-****

Wow. If there’s anyone at Reliable who said they didn’t have a tear in the eye when they read your beautiful letter I’d say they were …..being less than honest. Thank you so very much for touching our hearts. We love what we do and this is EXACTLY the reason why. Mike Love is one of the best of the best. God bless you and your family. Signed: EVERYONE at Reliable…… From: Paul Cantrell [mailto:Paul.Cantrell@******.com] Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 9:18 PM To: Bob Sellers; Steve Bradley Subject: Examples of Excellence I had the pleasure of using your services to transport my 1931 Buick. This was an especially important transport for me. 1. The car was purchased by my father in 1964. 2. My dad sold the car in 1993 – much at the dismay of my mother. 3. I found the car and purchased it to return her home. 4. This was all set up to surprise my Dad. The shipping lane was not a great one for you. Ohio to Arkansas. On Monday I called to ask what the status was. I shared that next week my father which has Alzheimer’s would be coming to visit probably for his last trip to see us and I wanted to surprise my Mom and Dad picking them up from the airport in the Buick. Within 6 hours I had a call from a very friendly and helpful driver letting me know he would pick up the Buick the next day – thanks to Steve for making this happen so quickly. Mike Love, was nothing short of spectacular. The seller was an older gentleman with his own memory challenges. Mike made sure the farewell was special. The seller has many old cars to sell and his children shared with me, the only folks they will let take his cars away now is Reliable – if they can’t drive it they will need to use Reliable was their comment to me. I was greeted with a wonderful smile and genuine care and pride from Mike as he asked us – “you ready to see her”? He was meticulous in his handling of the car and my wife and I felt as if a nurse was handing us our baby – what a great ambassador for your brand. I have several antique cars to move over the next year. I guarantee you one thing. Without hesitation my first call will be to Reliable. Nice work by the entire team. Best regards, Paul Cantrell Proud owner of a very special 1931 Buick Phaeton

Thank you Mr. Stichler! And I think Mary looks very cool in your great Metropolitan! Thank you for your business. And thanks to Clay and Mary Henderson, one of our very best! From: Robert Stichler [mailto:2socalbob@******.com] Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 12:15 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Letter of appreciation Greeting, After completion of a restoration project, I contacted and encouraged the owner to schedule transport service from your company. I personally have never experienced auto carrier services. I was contacted by Mary Henderson and her husband Clay who scheduled a time for pickup at my home in Somis, California. They arrived as scheduled which was wonderful. None of this “Will be here between 1 and 4”. Both Mary and Clay greeted myself in a very professional manner and explained the process and the time schedule for delivery of the car to West Palm Beach, Florida. After completing the inspection of the vehicle and signing the paperwork, both Mary and Clay loaded the car in the trailer and were gone. Mary called me the following week to let me know that the car was delivered one day ahead as scheduled. I now can say that I have experienced auto carrier services and will always encourage the services of Reliable Carriers. Special thanks to the Henderson’s for a job well done. Bob Stichler Somis, California

Thanks Craig! When the President of  Barrett-Jackson needs one of HIS cars carefully transported, he calls Barrett-Jackson’s exclusive carrier; Reliable. And we have great professional drivers Like Tim Greeno who move after move provide the high caliber service we’ve become know for. Thanks Reliable Carriers professional driver Tim Greeno! And thanks Barrett-Jackson, looks like 2014 will be an incredible year! From: S*******<S******@barrett-jackson.com> Date: October 7, 2014 at 8:10:30 PM EDT To: Bob Sellers <bsellers@reliable-carriers.com> Subject: RE: Craig Jackson’s ******* (car) Bob,   Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how fantastic, Tim, the driver was who helped move Craig’s ***** today from Laguna. He was extremely helpful and made himself readily available to us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his and your excellent service. Thank you!!   All the best,   S*******  Executive Assistant to Chairman/CEO Craig Jackson

As many thanks you’s as we get from our clients, we could say we get don’t get as enthused as we used to when we receive  a customer compliment. But that would be a big ‘ol fib!!!! By “Stetson” they mean Mr. Stetson Albee. By Mr. Stetson Albee we mean one of the best in the business! Odd, we see to have a LOT of the “best in the business” folks…..and we like it that way. Thanks Stets – and thank to Sarah, another great client.   —–Original Message—– From: Larry Donatelli Sent: Monday, September 29, 2014 8:18 AM To: Dave Mesack Subject: FW: William Harrison   POV’s Stetson took up.   —–Original Message—– From: sarah@*******.com [mailto:sarah@******.com] Sent: Friday, September 26, 2014 7:02 PM To: Larry Donatelli Subject: Re: William Harrison   Hi Larry   Please extend our sincerest thanks to Stetson ………WOW!!!!!!!!  He was awesome!!!!!!   I truly want to thank you both for making my job so much easier and I so very much appreciate all of your amazing help.   Thanks so much Sj

Let’s see, we get to transport the coolest cars, we have awesome trucks…….yeah, this is a pretty great job!   FYI – The following compliment was paid to Rico Sandoval for his performance yesterday delivering an IVER corvette to an event in Ann Arbor despite several hurdles he had to overcome.  I should also mention that he called me the moment he realized he was going to be delayed at origin and kept me in the loop throughout the morning so that I could keep clients informed.  Sean Finnegan was copied on the e-mail as well.   I put a copy of this in Rico’s file.  Thank you.   Shannon   Anne, Karen and Keith,   I just wanted to say thank you for your support in obtaining an IVER Corvette for use on campus for recruiting.  We received great feedback from the students.  Although we were not allowed to have a production vehicle displayed side by side, for comparison, I think it was well with the effort to bring this vehicle to campus.   I was also very pleased with how smoothly the drop off and pickup went as well.  The drivers were very courteous and accommodating of our need to move them from the original delivery location, please pass on this feedback.   We look forward to using this property again in the future and perhaps we will even be able to get permission from the school to have the IVER and production vehicle displayed together.   Thanks again for making this happen. Sheryl     Shannon Noyes Sales Account Manager\Systems Administrator RELIABLE CARRIERS 41555 Koppernick Rd Canton, MI  48187 734-453-9950 ext. 6288   From: Anne Najbaroski [mailto:anne.najbaroski@****.com] Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 9:24 AM To: George Keller; Shannon Noyes Cc: Sean Finegan Subject: Passing along KUDOS to your drivers   Please see below   Anne Najbaroski | QEK Team Leader – Motorsports /GM Corporate Events 100 Renaissance Center | MC 482-A25-D84 | Detroit, MI 48265 | Office: ***.***.8528 FAX: ***-***-8950 Fleet solutions that drive results.   From: Sheryl Wolf Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 9:18 AM To: Anne Najbaroski; Karen Stafford; Keith J. Van Houten Cc: Dean Guard; Kristin Cermak Subject: UofM URT IVER Vehicle – Thanks   Anne, Karen and Keith,   I just wanted to say thank you for your support in obtaining an IVER Corvette for use on campus for recruiting.  We received great feedback from the students.  Although we were not allowed to have a production vehicle displayed side by side, for comparison, I think it was well with the effort to bring this vehicle to campus.   I was also very pleased with how smoothly the drop off and pickup went as well.  The drivers were very courteous and accommodating of our need to move them from the original delivery location, please pass on this feedback.   We look forward to using this property again in the future and perhaps we will even be able to get permission from the school to have the IVER and production vehicle displayed together.   Thanks again for making this happen. Sheryl   Sheryl Wolf VSE Body/Ext – K2xx Pickup MY16/17 General Motors, Warren, MI Telephone: (***) ***-4463 E-mail: Sheryl.Wolf@*****.com

Thank you Mr. Byers for those kind words. Wesley Parsons is one of Reliable’s BEST! And to be the best here, that says a lot. Thank you for your business.   From: Byers, Jim C. [mailto:Jim.Byers@*****.com] Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 6:15 AM To: Dave Mesack Subject: RE: Order number 01017922-0   Dave:   I wanted you to know that you can add my name to your list of satisfied customers.  This is my first experience with using a carrier to deliver a car and I must admit that I was a little nervous. The driver {Wes} put me at ease and from the very beginning and I could tell he was a true professional and he is a real credit to your team. He took the time to answer all my questions and never lost his focus when taking the car off the truck. There were numerous people around and he stayed totally focused on my vehicle. I will definitely use Reliable for any future needs.   Thank You   James C. Byers Project Manager MV Residential Construction, Inc.   9349 ********* Blvd. Cincinnati, OH 45249 www.mvg.com   ***-***-1014 Direct ***-***-4925 Cell ***-***-0368 Fax

Thanks Jim! And thanks to RCI drivers professional drivers Chris Kite and team Bales – Greg and Shannon From: Jim Fasnacht [mailto:jim@********.com] Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 6:20 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Great job by Reliable Hi Bob, all the cars are back and unloaded, your guys did an awesome job!!!! Many thanks, Regards Jim Sent from my iPhone

Kind words from a great client. And thanks to RCI Professional Driver; Chuck Clarke. Ahhhhh…..Great clients, great drivers and cool trucks. Life is good. From: Don Mackey [mailto:dmack@******.com] Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 6:59 PM To: Kevin Seckinger Subject: FW: RE: RE: Kevin, Chuck was just super this morning dropping off the little 912. He’s really a credit to Reliable for his professionalism. Called me three times yesterday and this morning to make sure we made good connections. Really a nice guy. Best, Don.

Reliable Carriers Professional Drivers Egal Sharbit and Gerald Dobbins. Thank you Mr. Butler for these kind words. We are glad we were able to exceed your expectations. And we’re glad we have Egal and Gerald here on our team. Be safe. From: Lance butler [mailto:lance@*****.com] Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2014 5:30 PM To: Bob Sellers; J K Subject: Mecum – Spraker collection transport John and Bob, Yesterday I had Egal Sharbit and Gerald Dobbins here at the Peterson to load the ten Spraker estate cars. To say they simply “assisted” in the loading of the cars does not do their work justice. Both of them worked extremely hard and were so helpful and patient in loading the cars (half of which were very difficult to move due to their inability to start, weight, and size). I really appreciated the care they took in loading all of the cars. This was my first experience working with Reliable and the two of them made it very enjoyable. Thank you! I hope all goes well as Pebble Beach nears! Take care, Lance Butler

As a matter of fact, Wesley Parsons IS an amazing driver! And this is the second great letter we’ve received on Wes since he’s been with Reliable. I guess quality DOES attract quality! Thank you for your business Mr. Graver, we appreciate it. From: Paul Graver [mailto:firstgovernment@****.net] Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 12:41 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Amazing Driver Hello, We had Wesley Parsons pick up a vehicle and deliver to us the day after. He was simply fantastic. Very organized, answered his phone every time I called and came well prepared with everything. I appreciate reliable carriers wonderful business mainly because of a great employee and Wes is just that. I look forward to calling you guys for more business in the future and requesting Wes to be our driver. Thanks Again Dean First Government Lease Co 866-***-9670

Thank you Jose for your business and thanks to Reliable Carriers Owner-Operator Troy Sparkman for handling the business! It’s good to be the best! Always good to read compliments …. Driver is Troy Sparkman. ************* Re: Mercedes 380 SL shipment. All I can say is that Reliable did an excellent job. You did under-promised but over-delivered. Kudos !! Dealing with Troy has been a real pleasure, pick up was timely and well done..very professional, responsible and a very nice person. Well, you have gained a customer -if needed in the future- and a mouth piece. Regards, Jose Eng. Jose G. Calle phone: 518-***-9539 Cell: 917-***-2491 e-mail: josecalle@*****.com

High Praise from Our Friends at Ford Motor Company; From: Bertouille, Edward (E.A.) [mailto:ebertoui@******.com] Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 5:58 PM To: Tom Abrams; Eric Hall; Emily Wemyss Subject: Ford hot weather test trip Tom/All, Just wanted to let you all know that your team of guys who came out to support this trip,, Well, they did an outstanding job!! They were very polite, helpful and went way above and beyond all the time ,,throughout the trip. While it was very hot ,,,they were there the whole time ,,trying to helping any way we needed it. Please take the time to let them know all of their efforts were greatly appreciated!! And Eric, Emily,,(and I am sure there are a few others) please pat yourself on the back as well for putting this whole deal together and pull it off without any issues. Ed Bertouille Fuel System Development Testing Ford Motor Company

Thank you for this great testimonial John. We regret your Chevelle was damaged in transit. We’re fortunate to be able to validate our 99.7% damage-free percentage. No company can tell you they’ll NEVER damage a vehicle, it’s impossible. Where we do like to think we make a difference is for those very rare occasions when something DOES go wrong. We do all we can to make it right. And we value and love your Chevelle as much as you do. It means as much to us as any vehicle we are entrusted with. Thank you for your business. From: John Padjen [mailto:padjenjt@******.com] Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:49 AM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Transport Bob – I want to provide some positive feedback for what I feel was an exemplary display of good business. Approximately 2 months ago I chose Reliable to ship my dream car. The transaction was initially smooth, but ended in the worst possible way. While unloading my vehicle the driver contacted my back right corner panel with his trailer wall resulting in a visible scratch and crease to the metal. Although disappointed, I was impressed by what followed. The driver, who I must say was exceptionally pleasant to work with, assumed full responsibility for the damage. He never once passed and excuse nor did he attempt to place blame elsewhere. My next interaction was with your company’s claim department. Again, I dealt with multiple individuals who were friendly and interested in resolving the matter. Within a few weeks I had my check and the car was returned to the condition in which it was originally picked up. I have to admit, I expected a hard and drawn out fight from Reliable. Instead what I received was a prompt and satisfactory resolution. My $35,000 Chevelle falls woefully short of the beautiful cars your company ships every day, but I wasn’t treated as such. We as consumers are often quick to provide negative feedback while allowing great experiences to go unnoticed. It’s company’s like Reliable that restore my faith in the notion of stewardship and doing the right thing. And although you lost money on this transaction, you have not seen the last of me. I am not only a customer for life, but also a marketing tool that will disseminate the great experience I had with your company. Sincerely, John Padjen

Harold Calhoun receives high praise from one of our valued corporate customers. You’re right Dave, we are lucky to have Harold. And all of our great professional drivers. And great business partners like you. From: “Dave D. Zajac” <dave.zajac@*****.com> Date: July 2, 2014 at 7:03:26 PM EDT To: Harold Silverman <hsilverman@reliable-carriers.com> Subject: Delivery today Harold, I just wanted to let you know that the property was delivered today on time and in great condition. I have to mention that Harold Calhoun is an excellent driver and represents your company well. Besides the fact that it was very very hot and the buck weighed so much, without his experience and hard work ethic it would have been a painful day. He’s a great guy, your lucky to have him. Sincerely, David Zajac ****( Industries</hsilverman@reliable-carriers.com></dave.zajac@*****.com>

Thank you Peter. And yes, Al and Karen Wrobel are two of the best! We appreciate your business, thank you for choosing Reliable. From: pperera@*****.net [mailto:pperera@*******.net] Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 4:11 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Order #0100*****-0 Bob, Just a quick note regarding pick up and delivery of my vehicle per delivery notification below. I was completely satisfied. Al and Karen (Wrobel) handled the transport of my car very professionally and exactly as promised. Al kept me totally informed on the day of pick up, while in transit, and day of arrival. I couldn’t be happier. I knew from the outset that there were no guarantees other than a 2-4 week “window” from pick up to delivery. And it occurred squarely in this time frame. I was also appreciative that the truck was enclosed as promoted, the seat was covered in plastic and even though my car was on top, there was a plastic lining between the two levels of cars to prevent leaks from spilling onto car below. This was initially a concern since I have a convertible top. Thanks, Peter Perera Order # 01008550-0 has been delivered. VIN Make/Model WDBLK70GP1T062816 Mercedes CLK Cab;Runs=Yes

Tim. I received the car today. Your driver was an incredible person! He was kind, efficient and timely, I could not have asked for a better situation as this was a bit of a unique delivery. This project is going to be a challenge. Thanks for making it happen. Regards. Brian Schott Sent from my iPhone

Thanks Natalie, we glad we could make a stressful situation better. It’s easy when you have the team we have at Reliable Carriers. And Mike Love and Hope and Allan Ringler are as good as it gets. We appreciate the kinds words and your business. From: Natalie [mailto:nbrunetto@*******.com] Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 1:15 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: Bob, My cars (1992 Miata and 2008 Infiniti) arrived safely today in Oceanside, CA from Nashua, NH. I want you to know how pleased I am with your company, service and drivers Mike, Hope and Allen. I have heard nightmare stories about shipping cars and had my own brief dealings with companies I didn’t feel secure with handling my cars. I would recommend Reliable Carriers to anyone who needs a transport company. Thank you for great service. Natalie Brunetto

Thanks Mr. Quinnell! Mecum Seattle was a GREAT auction! Great city, great cars! And Phil Buchanan is one the best! A true professional. From: Jerry Quinnell <*****.com> Date: June 18, 2014 at 10:11:15 AM PDT To: “dwilson@reliable-carriers.com” <dwilson@reliable-carriers.com> Subject: Great delivery of my 2 cars from Mecum Seattle Hi Dale, Thanks for all the help at the Mecum auction. I want to let you know I am extremely pleased with your company’s professionalism and focus on customer service. Your driver Philip Buchanan (sorry if I misspelled his name) communicated the status several times during the day. He worked with me on delivery time and place to make the entire process work smoothly. He is very pleasant and professional. The cars were delivered in great condition. Philip took the time to make sure we were satisfied as we inspected the cars. Your prompt delivery almost beat us home. I was walking in the front door after returning from Seattle when the phone rang. It was Philip calling to say he was a couple of hours away. Thanks Again and we look forward to using Reliable Carriers again later this year at the next Mecum auction! Regards, Jerry Quinnell Sent from my iPad</dwilson@reliable-carriers.com>

Thank you Mike for your continued business and thanks to Al & Karen Wrobel. One of our best teams – EVER! From: Mike Loewengruber [mailto:mike.loewengruber@******.com] Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 8:55 AM To: ‘sbradley@******.com’ Subject: Thanks Good morning, Steve, Just wanted to send a note this morning to express how impressed we are with the move on a vehicle for us from California. We loaded it on Sunday afternoon out there and it just arrived this morning. Al and Karen Wrobel handled this move and did a fantastic job. Very nice couple, very professional and certainly living up to the name, “Reliable”! We would gladly welcome their services going forward. We are expanding in our business and should have many opportunities in the forthcoming year. Thanks again for the support and please pass our accolades on to them. Best regards, Mike Loewengruber Sales Manager ******* Company

Thank you and your husband. It makes it easier to do what we do when we have great clients like you folks. We’re very proud of Wesley, especially considering he just joined Team Reliable recently. Think we got a good ‘un. From: Margo Inskeep <mlibowie@xxxx.com> Date: June 14, 2014 at 5:37:18 PM EDT To: <bsellers@reliable-carriers.com> Subject: Kudos to Driver I’m writing about one of your drivers, Wesley Parsons, who my husband and I met earlier this week when our 1966 Chevelle was delivered from Southern Motors. Wesley called on Tuesday to let us know that the car was on its way to Maryland, and called two additional times on Wednesday with his location and approximate arrival time. He met us at a Home Depot near our home, and was wiping down the car when we arrived. Wesley is very personable, took his time to talk with my husband about the delivery process, and unloaded the car. Thanks to Reliable Carriers and, especially, to Wesley. He represents your company well, and gets a huge THANK YOU from both my husband and I !! Margo Inskeep</bsellers@reliable-carriers.com></mlibowie@xxxx.com>

For Reliable Carriers great husband and wife team, Marvin and Kay Gohs. They ALWAYS “goes” the extra mile for our customers! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, we appreciate your business. From: Joann Jenkins [mailto:jerjo@XXXXXXnet] Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 5:42 PM To: Pete Blasko Subject: Fw: letter of thanks From: Joann Jenkins Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2014 2:34 PM To: blasko@reliable-carriers.com Subject: letter of thanks Dear Mr. Blasko; Just a note to thank you for a job well done. Reliable transported my 2 vehicles and motorcycle from Las Vegas to San Diego. Your drivers were Marvin and Kay. I wanted to express how extremely satisfied I was with your service and especially your drivers, Marvin and Kay what a delight they were. They took good care of my vehicles, they arrived on time and in excellent condition. Your drivers were very professional and courteous. My wife and I enjoyed meeting them. Thanks again. Jerry Jenkins

Reliable Carriers professional driver Gerald Dobbins receives high praise: From: <jpmarino@xxxxx.net> Date: June 4, 2014 at 8:14:18 PM EDT To: <bsellers@reliable-carriers.com> Subject: Great Experience I just met your drive Gerald (Dobbins) and I had a great experience with him….he came right to my house and I live just south of Boston, Ma. he even lost an antenna on his way to my house with over hanging trees…I felt so bad for him…I went looking for it but couldn’t find it…I truly enjoyed talking to him about the cars he has transported over the years and enjoyed hearing about his car as well…..the next time I need a car moved not only would I use your company but I would request him…you have a great employee in Gerald and just wanted to pass that along Thank you for sending him Respectfully, Paul Marino Thank YOU Mr. Marino for your business and thank you Gerald for continuing to provide outstanding customer service. (P.S. Mr. Marino, we just presented Gerald with a new HUGE sleeper truck. It has all it’s antennas (or is that antenni???) Jim True</bsellers@reliable-carriers.com></jpmarino@xxxxx.net>

Thank you Carl, and thanks to Reliable Carriers, Inc. Driver – Garry Morrison – ahhhh, another satisfied customer…… To: Paxton MacDermaid Subject: RE: Friday Paxton thanks again everyone was most pleased Gary Morrison did a right fine job Will talk with you again in the Fall Enjoy the summer Carl

Thank you Linda. We appreciate your business. And Danny is one of the best in the business. Danny Voss – Vehicles Taken Seriously. Subject: 1002071 Danny Voss Receive a call from Linda Haller regarding Danny Voss. “Everyone fell in love with him” He did a fine job and paid special attention to the 5 year old boy that was very concerned about the vehicle leaving. When he delivered, everyone was again enamored with Danny. “We will definitely call in the future” Excellent Kudos for Danny

Another customer compliment for Reliable Carriers’ Professional Driver Doug McMackin! Thanks Joe for your business and these kind words. Subject: Re: reliable carrier inc Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation Wanted to say thanks! And to say what a great job Doug did to get this car to me. He went out of his way to get my car loaded when anyone else probably would have given up. The seller did not have the car as “ready” as he assured me that he did…… He kept me updated while he was trying to get it done and he was pleasant and professional when he dropped it off two days earlier than I expected. Thanks again, Joe Sent from my iPad

Thanks Mr. Harer for these kind words and thanks to one of the best in the business, Reliable Carriers Professional Driver, Gerald Dobbins Steve, I recently hired Reliable Carriers to transport my 1968 Pontiac Catalina Ventura to my new home in Goodyear, AZ. from Hometown, IL. It was a wonderful experience–driver Gerald Dobbins is a true professional!! Quite the impressive rig–really liked his Harley-Davidson edition International tractor. I was not able to meet him in Arizona, but my cousin was and she marveled at the way he maneuvered the truck through the side streets to my house and through the whole unloading process. Gerald even parked the car in my garage and put the cover on it!!! I will DEFINITELY recommend Reliable to others and will use them again if I need to! Can’t wait to get down to AZ and get to that big cruise night in Scottsdale at the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s!! Thank you for great service!!!! Thanks, Phill Harer 1968 Catalina

From our friends at BMW Motorcars for our driver, Dennis Ryncarz. Thank you Dennis, great job as always! Morning, Dennis, the driver that picked up the 6 cars going to Mid-Ohio is what we call in the South, Good people!! He was a pleasure to work with. GB

Dear Steve, Just a short note to say it was a pleasure to work with Reliable and your driver Frank with shipping my G.T.O. ( owned for 31 years ) to Waxhaw N.C. Your driver (Frank) spend the time with me and answered all my many questions before loading the car in the carrier. This is a very nice show car with many trophies and it was hard to let it go, but it is going to a good home. I will recommend all my car Crazy friends to use Reliable / Frank when shipping their cars. Regards, Jim Campbell

Another satisified Reliable Carriers customer. Thank you to our professional driver Dean Bermudez! Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2014 8:48 PM To: Bob Sellers Subject: great job Bob: I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy i am with the services your office personel and driver provided. I just had a 2009 Dodge Challenger delivered and the driver (Dean Bermudez) went above and beyond what i would have expected. Not only did he take very good care of the car he also backed his truck down my dead end street so he could unload my car directly in front of my house. I will never use anyone else but Reliable. Thank you. Walt

Thanks to Reliable Carrier’s Professional Drivers The McLouths and Jon Ullrich!

I am writing this email in order to pass along my comments regarding the service I received from Reliable Carriers for Registration # 00499669-0. I sincerely hope, and request, that this email is forwarded to the owner and other senior management. I want to ensure they are aware of just how well their employees are representing Reliable Carriers.

I had a 1958 Corvette that I inherited from my Dad shipped from Ohio to Colorado. My family and I were very nervous since this vehicle has been in my family for my entire life (I was brought home from the hospital in it in 1973). The level of detail orientation, communication, and professionalism witnessed by my brother and step-mother in Ohio and myself in Colorado was outstanding. Jess and Brian worked with my family in Ohio for the pickup on Wednesday April 16. Everything went very smoothly. My brother was happy with how the whole process went and how detail oriented the drivers were when handling the vehicle.

I was surprised when the next afternoon John called to see if I was prepared to receive the vehicle over the weekend. He did a great job of explaining the process and keeping me informed of the progress. He originally told me to expect delivery either Saturday evening or Sunday morning depending on how well the drive went from Michigan to Colorado, with stops in between. John called Friday evening to see if midafternoon the next day would be OK since he was running ahead of original expectations. He promised to confirm in the morning based on when he got back on the road.

The phone call Saturday morning went well, with additional information being passed along with the confirmation of the arrival time frame. John called when he was about 30 minutes out so that I could be prepared for his arrival. I was concerned with how well such a large truck could be maneuvered in my neighborhood. John had no troubles, impressing both myself and multiple neighbors. He spent a lot of time discussing the process of unloading and going over everything with me after the vehicle was off the truck. I learned a lot about how reliable worked which made me feel even better about my choice of how to transport the vehicle. John was great to work with and a pleasure to get to know through our limited conversation.

I hope that if I ever have a need to transport another vehicle that I can get John again as the driver, as I will definitely use Reliable again. I am the type of person who tries to use services based on word-of-mouth. Reliable was recommended to me by multiple people on an online forum that I belong to. I have already thanked everyone there for the advice to use Reliable and further promoted their advice. I will also be certain to recommend Reliable to anyone I come across requiring vehicle transport services.


Joel Haas

Mr Wilson, Had the car my wife purchased at Mecum auction in Houston delivered to our home in Baton Rouge and the delivery could not have been better. I was contacted the day before by driver on delivery time and then they checked to let me know when they were 30 minutes away on delivery day. They jumped right to work and even put up with all my questions ( this was my first time for something like this ) without ever making me feel like I was in the way or bothering them. They had to remove this monster Bronco that only had an inch of room on the side in order to get to my wifes car and the care they took was amazing. Then when the little car came off Karen got in it and drove it up under cover for me and even took the time to go over what she had to do to crank it. They made the whole experience very enjoyable and also informative. The commercials on TV make it look so easy like drivers just pull them in and hit a few buttons but now I was able to see how much hard work they actually have to do to in order to protect the cars properly. Great team, great experience and will in the future always use Reliable and also recommend your company to others. Big thanks to Bob and Karen Jordan for a great job. Have a great day Will see you at Mecum in Dallas. Larry Chisholm


Our antique fire truck successfully returned today from Indianapolis.  Reliable Carriers was amazing, and the driver — Bryan — was wonderful.  Thank you so much for great work.  If you need a reference for your company for transporting antiques, please forward people to me. Thanks again!  (Teri — a great big thank you for the referral to George).

West Grove Fire Company

Our Reliable driver extraordinaire, Ed Pastore. Ed flawlessly navigated his way throughout the northeast and southern portions of the U.S. on a three-week tour with us. He was always ahead of schedule, helped place and clean our vehicles, and was just a downright nice guy. Incredible service and we are honored to have worked with him.

Thanks for everything!!!

Scott V.

Hello Bob,

We wanted to let you know that the driver from Florida was delightful and did a great job! Everything arrived in great condition without incident. Thank you for the fantastic service!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sheri G.


Your drivers, Mike and Jody, delivered my Buick Grand National to me today. It came from Independence, MO to Albuquerque, NM. I just wanted to send a quick note praising your company, and especially Mike and Jody. Their communication with me was excellent and they arrived right on time. I appreciate your level of service.

Trigg Collins

Hi Bob,

Just a note to thank you. Boys were the usual  good humor and professional. All cars delivered no issues. Many thanks!

Jay B.


Fabulous service, friendly people.  Such a quick response on your part that I barely beat the truck to my house!

Dean G.


I wanted to  extend  thanks  and  say GREAT JOB !  by  Larry in dispatch and  Egal delivering the 3 cars  last week.   Truly appreciated on all sides.   We are  now after the next portion  clearing  38 crates from Doha and  getting them  delivered to  9 destinations  in  2 days  so the “ guys”  can  make the  race this weekend in Gainesville.  Your  team  made it happen .


Gordon S.

Hello guys,

I just want to thank you for picking up my cars. I also want to tell you that Bret the driver did a great job and we had great communication. He is super!

Thank you,
Jose Romero

Mr. Sellers,

Just wanted to let you know my car arrived without a scratch and Steve was a very nice guy and very professional. I want to thank you for the great service and if I or anybody I know ever needs to ship a car Reliable Carriers will be the first words out of my mouth. I am in the new car service business as a technician and seems like you never hear about it if you do a good job,it’s always the things that that the customer was unhappy with. Well your company did a fine job and feel free to use this e-mail as a reference for any customer that needs to know how good your company does there job.

Once again Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Curtis M.

I just want to say that your driver is awesome his name is Ricky he deliver my car he was totally a gentleman I’m very impressed so he does deserves a raise thank you.

Jeff D.

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how pleased I am that I chose Reliable. Our driver, Tim, was a true master of his domain. His skills were astonishing. He kept in touch with us throughout the transport and worked with us to try to avoid the snowy weather. He showed his skills in maneuvering the rig through our narrow streets, and watching him unload the vehicles was a sight to see. Perfect!

I would without hesitation choose Reliable again.

James D.

Thank You for the great service!!!! Very, very impressed with every part of the process as well as your courteous and knowledgeable drivers. Please thank them for me and let them know how impressed I was.

Will definitely do business with you in the future!!!

Thank You Again!

Jeff W.

Floks brought us our 37 Sedan Delivery… from Ohio to Longview, WA and I tell you they are fast and sweet people.

Thanks Reliable…great job.

Chris K.

To All,

I met up with Rory in Sumas yesterday and picked the car up. He was a day early and that worked out just fine. Rory is a very competent company representative who shows tremendous respect and pride in his work.

I want to thank everyone involved at Reliable for a truly great experience. From my initial conversations with Bob & Dave and the accounting staff (Shelley and Kristina) and of course Rory you guys really did an exceptional job. I felt that my needs as client and the way the move was handled was top notch.

On any future moves of vehicles I have I will be calling Reliable to do that. And you can be assured that I will be passing on my recommendation to other car guys in my circle about this experience.

I look forward to working with you all again soon.

Brian W.

Hi Bob,

I wanted to sent you a note to thank you so much for all of your help working with me on the Carquest Grand Prize Car Giveaway. I again apologize for the constant change of direction I gave you but you were very accommodating and everything worked out perfectly. Your driver called when he got there and we got the car loaded up quickly. I truly appreciate everything you did for me and National Premium.

If I am given the opportunity, I would recommend Reliable Carriers to anyone that is looking to transport a vehicle.

Thanks again
Carina B.


I have just returned to my office at the Washington Navy Yard from loading my car onboard Mr. Mike Richard’s enclosed van this morning at 0900.

I give Mr. Richards a solid “A” for his performance this morning. He was on time, he was ready to load my car as promised and he moved quickly and efficiently to load my car. Mr. Richards hails from Maine and so, as with most folks from Maine that it’s been my experience to work with, the vast majority of them are not about small talk and chit-chat. Mr. Richards was all business and extremely precise in everything he did – there was no wasted effort or time. He was all business.

The highlight of the thirty-eight minute load out was his detailed review of my car’s condition prior to loading. Obviously, there is a litigious factor that drives this review – still, he was absolutely precision in sneakers as he went over my car. Except for myself, I’ve never seen anyone so meticulously examine a car’s condition, focusing on the paint, the wheels and tires and the undercarriage. Mike is in a class where few are even invited to visit.

My car is now with him and on its way to Michigan for storage at your facility there. Not sure when it will go to Decatur, Indiana to begin its journey/conversion at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, but that’s all in your hands and Lingenfelter’s hands now. Mr. Jeff Myers is the professional at Lingenfelter that is handling my car.

Sir, Mr. Mike Richards is a credit to your company -a professional who is detail focused in everything he does.

I thought you would like to know how Mike performed in this endeavor this morning here in Crofton, Maryland. I look forward to him bringing my car back to me should that be the right schedule for him.

Wayne H.

Dear Myron & Bob,

Just returned from Detroit and all went well! Thanks a lot for all your help! Both drivers, Rick and Harold had been fantastic and did a great job!

Thanks a lot,

Good afternoon John,

I wanted to take the time to thank your driver, Phil Buchannon, for going over and beyond our expectations.  The customers asked Phil to meet them on January 11 instead of January 10.  They needed him to meet them at the airport, help shuttle their rental car back to the rental office, then move their personal belongings from the rental to the car that Phil was hauling.  Phil did all of this!

Subaru and our CDS department want to thank Phil for going the extra mile to make our customers satisfied.

Thank you!
Debra H.

Mike was GREAT.

Very personable and hands on. I got my hands dirty, too, and loved it.

Thank you – my Reliable experience was a very good experience. Please let me know where to review your service publicly.

Thomas G.


I know I am kind of late with this email but I want to thank you for taking such good care of me in Chicago. Mark was awesome and made me very comfortable knowing my car was in good hands. He took the same level of care I do and treated my car as if it were his own.

Please thank Mark for me for a job well done.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to send a note to tell you what a great job Reliable did for me.

Your driver Mike Love is absolutely great.  He gave me great above and beyond service.  Communication before he picked the GTO up was great.  The person I bought the GTO from gave him absolutely no help. I knew exactly when he got to Texas and when the GTO would be delivered.

I would have no problem recommending Reliable to anyone.

Thanks Again,
Jerry H.

Got my Lotus on Sunday; driver was great!

Dr. Max K.

Delivered on time, in great condition, and your driver was pleasant and professional. We have used other transport companies in the past, but will be calling on Reliable carriers in the future.

Thank you !!!!

Jerry R.

Thank your team of drivers for getting me my Camaro safely to AZ this past weekend. I know they had their problems with the extreme weather and some mechanical issues. Especially your driver Chris, he was great, called me with updates twice a day, and was on time this morning to unload the Camaro at my home. Helped me out with my days schedule. He is a good driver for sure. Very conscience.

Thanks again,
Todd D.

Reliable Carriers,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the safe shipment of my vehicles. I received both vehicles today in the same condition that they were loaded in. While there were some miscommunications at the outset, I appreciate your willingness to make adjustments to the situation in an effort to make it all less stressful for me. I can not speak highly enough of the service I received from the driver, Mr. Phil Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan was polite, professional and direct. He took the time to understand my concerns and frustrations and reassured me throughout the entire trip of my vehicles location and condition. I observed Mr. Buchanan load and unload my vehicles with the utmost care and concern. He in my opinion an excellent example of outstanding customer service.

Again, thank you for the fine service that I received. I would not hesitate to use Reliable Carriers in the future.

Mark P.

Hey Dave,

I hope you are well.  I just wanted to take a few minutes of my time and your time to comment on one of your drivers.  I had the opportunity to work with Richard Monis on the art car movement of the two BMW art cars from AL to FL.  All I’ll say about drivers in general are that most do what they are required to do and do it pretty well, but that’s as far as it goes.  Well, that’s not really the case with Richard.  Richard proved to be a GREAT help with the movement of these cars.  He wasn’t afraid to work!  He was carrying boards, offering opinions, pushing, pulling, laying on the ground helping make sure the car cleared all ramps, boards, etc.  He was on time, where he said he was going to be and stayed in communication with us.  Richard has a lot of experience that he brings to the table and he was very willing to step in and share what he knows.   Also, his equipment was very clean, organized and equipped to handle cars of this stature and prestige and he personally understands the value of these cars.  In terms of customer service, Richard well exceeded my expectations.

Please pass along my personal thanks to Richard.  You should be very glad to have him on your team because I am glad that he was there.



Thank you, and thank you for the service Ricky, the driver, provided. He was very professional and easy to work with. He made what could have been a stressful move, stress fee. When I need my cars moved again I know who to call, Reliable Carriers, Inc.


To Mr. Bob Sellers,

Three hours ago I just had my 1967 Chevelle SS 396 delivered by Angus and Jodi Hayward. I wanted to let you and Tom Abrams know what a great experience I had from the very beginning to the end of the process. I flew from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chicago and had requested your company have a truck standing by for a probable vehicle purchase. When I arrived the truck was there and waiting as promised by Paxon. I made the purchase and then met the very friendly husband and wife duo of Angus and Jodi and watched them take the time, care and expertise of placing my “baby” onto the carrier after a very thorough inspection. Four days later they called and we made arrangements to off load my car which they did with the same qualities they exhibited earlier. When they saw and heard I was interested in the whole operation they even offered me a tour of the rig. Very impressive truck/tractor/trailer and living accommodations. Having retired from a customer relations position with Volvo and Chrysler retailers I recognize awesome customer service when I see it. Both Jodi and Angus are a valuable asset to your company and represent your commitment to quality customer service. I have used your company in the past and I will continue to use you in the future and will recommend your services to all my car buddies.

Gary F.

Thank you again for the excellent service!

Glenn D.

Hello Bob,

Perhaps you have already seen this but if so, here it is again.

As Central PA “country bumpkins”, we never expected to be a part of the Pebble Beach Concours. Everything about the event was very impressive. After a lot of consideration, we decided to take our 1934 Brewster Town Cabriolet deVille in our closed trailer behind our motor home. Turned out to be a great way to celebrate our 50th anniversary. While leaving the parking area to line up for the tour. we were approached by a young lady named Jody. She said she was with Reliable and loved Brewsters.

Said her dad had owned one.

Anyway, the line up of Reliable trucks was one of the things we found to be very impressive, lined up perfectly straight with clearance lights on in the evenings. I found this photo on the internet. I believe it was posted by conceptcarz.com (I hope this is efficient recognition). The car leaving the parking area is our Brewster. Unfortunately, I am not sharp enough to PhotoShop the pickup truck out of the picture. Thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Best Wishes,
Don W., Brewster Car Society


Delivered today! They called to tell me the car was great, the delivery driver was even better and the Truck it came in was really Nice!

Great Job and thanks for the extra effort your team did to capture this car!

As always another “Raving Fan”!

Gordon S.

Hi Shannon,

Just wanted to let you know the 1965 GTO arrived today, as promised. Vehicle was in top condition, clean and transported properly. Mike and Mona kept me informed all the way, and said they’d be here by noon. They were on target, and actually arrived at 11:45 AM. They are top professionals, and they represent Reliable Carriers as the best, and why people should do business with your company. I have nothing but the highest respect for them, and Reliable Carriers. Be assured, that when someone needs a transport company, I’ll be recommending, and pushing for them to use Reliable Carriers.

Thank you again, and your staff for another great experience. It surely is a pleasure doing business with Reliable Carriers.



Reliable delivered a car for me and I wanted to say thanks for a great job.  This is the 4th time I’ve used Reliable to deliver a collector car for me.  All have gone well.

Brett Price was the driver on the transport today and he was prompt, very courteous and took very good care of the car.   I will use Reliable for future transports also as I know your team delivers the service I expect with classic cars.

Thanks again and good work,
Dave N.

Reliable Carriers,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the safe shipment of my vehicles.  I received both vehicles today in the same condition that they were loaded in.  While there were some miscommunications at the outset, I appreciate your willingness to make adjustments to the situation in an effort to make it all less stressful for me.  I can not speak highly enough of the service I received from the driver, Mr. Phil Buchanan.  Mr.

Buchanan was polite, professional and direct.  He took the time to understand my concerns and frustrations and reassured me throughout the entire trip of my vehicles location and condition.  I observed Mr. Buchanan load and unload my vehicles with the utmost care and concern.  He in my opinion an excellent example of outstanding customer service.

Again, thank you for the fine service that I received.  I would not hesitate to use Reliable Carriers in the future.

Mark P.


Great service and an excellent job by Rodney.

Thanks very much
Leon K.

Good Morning Gentlemen,

I am Kevin from The Westside Group. I just finished working on an 8 day photo shoot in Oregon with two Reliable drivers, Jon Ullrich and Rob Gentry. I’m compelled to inform you that these two drivers couldn’t have been more helpful, more professional, or more valuable as team members.

This was no easy job by any stretch of the imagination; we had many logistics, tight locations, early call times, difficult weather, long hours, many miles of travel, and a ton of accessories.

Our vehicles were always on the ground and ready to go before the times we expected them and when it came time to install accessories or otherwise prep the vehicles, these two were continually on-hand to help out.

I iterate that Jon and Rob were valued as team members as I am sure they are valued by Reliable Carriers

Thank you,
Kevin P.

Car was delivered today:  very satisfied!  Bobby is a tremendous asset to your company! Will call you FIRST in the future !

Buddy H.

Reliable Carriers,

Thank you very much! The car looks fantastic and arrived “as advertised”. Your driver, Mel, as a pleasure to work with. He did an exceptional job communicating with me to keep me informed of the delivery status!

I can’t say enough about how friendly and helpful Mel was.

Thanks again!
Rob L.


This is my first time buying at an auction. I am very happy with your service, your people were very professional and helpful. Kristy Martin was my trucker contact and I will use you in the future.

Thank you,
Frank and Nancy K.

Reliable Carriers,

I was thrilled to have my car delivered this past Monday morning by Paul and Anita.

They called me on Sunday and set up the delivery for Monday and then called when they were on their way to my house.

Paul and Anita were both professional and friendly. They treated me and my car like we were their most important client and cargo!

Thank you again for your service.
Dorothy P.

I wanted to thank Jose who delivered my 1965 Mustang safe and sound. He picked it up on Tuesday in Doylestown, PA and delivered it today (Thursday) to Allen, TX. He was courteous and efficient and is a great asset to your Company.

Thank you,
Matthew H.

I am writing to give Dirc Klein, the driver who delivered my classic auto, a first rate recommendation.

His communication was excellent. I received a call 24 hours in advance of ETA and another call 30 minutes before arrival time. I was able to give Dirc directions to a large private parking lot across from my subdivision, thus preventing the need to move the tractor/trailer through neighborhood streets.

Dirc had the car off-loaded when I arrived at the parking lot. He was very friendly, and was taking excellent care of the autos still on the transport as I arrived to pick up my auto.

Reliable Carriers is more expensive to use than other carriers who sub-contract their deliveries, however a driver like Dirc and the extra care given the cars by Reliable is worth every penny extra.

With appreciation,
Dr. Dale E. M.

I would like to thank Reliable Carriers for their excellent service in handling and delivering my recently acquired 1966 Nova SS.  I had requested quotes online from multiple providers and chose to go with the slightly cheaper quote from DAS.  That’s when the nightmare began.  I paid them for enclosed transport and found out from the gentleman I purchased the car from that nothing went as planned.  They had told him and I during a conference call that they would send a flat bed truck to his residence to pick up my car and take it to a parking lot to load on the trailer.  He got a call the morning they were coming and he had to arrange to drive the car to Home Depot parking lot where my car was placed on an open trailer and hauled 100 miles to sit in a faculty for a week called 6-75 Truck Repair!!!!  wth…I paid DAS for enclosed transport of my vehicle and not for them to pull my car out of a climate controlled garage and sit out in the elements for a week.  As soon as I confirmed what was happening I couldn’t get on the phone quick enough to Reliable.  The next morning Reliable picked up my car and it made it from Detroit to Atlanta in 2 days!!!!!!  The detail of the checklist was awesome, the service and reaction.  This is our first classic car and the whole family had been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  DAS tried to make this experience unpleasant, but Reliable came to the rescue.

Thank you Reliable Team…
Kevin M.

Hi Eileen/Jenna,

Stu and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to both of you for your combined efforts in making the antique car move as seamless as possible. The cars arrived in Kansas yesterday unscathed. We highly commend the driver, Michael Tack of Reliable Carriers, for helping us through the loading and unloading process and getting the cars to us ahead of schedule. He is very knowledgeable and so pleasant to work with.

Once again, thank you and you all have a wonderful day!

Stu & Tess

Thank you again for making the trip and for coordinating everything to go so flawlessly. I hope your time in Nashville was fabulous. The drivers were all great and we would never hesitate to use Reliable Carriers again on any project, or to refer Reliable to our friends and colleagues. If I do make any referrals, I will also contact you to let you know.

I have heard from a number of our lenders that say their cars are safely home. Whew! I may not rest until I hear from everyone.

Thank you for all of your assistance. Have a wonderful weekend!

Amie G.

Just a follow up thank you for taking care of my order.  Mike Love did a great job on the delivery Sunday, and I greatly appreciate the services Reliable provided.

Jared P.

Thank You! You guys did great job.

Mike M.

Car arrived safe and sound!

Bob, your drivers, Micheal and his wife Chloe were amazing, communicated great, showed up 20 min early, very nice and a true compliment to your brand. I will be using only Reliable moving forward!

Alan B.


I wanted to thank you guys at Reliable. I’ve had the most efficient and worry free logistics and import process that I could have ever imagined. Congratulations on the high level of customer service and efficiency.

Ernesto S.

Thank you for your very professional service your driver was outstanding.

John C.

Totally amazed at the service provide by www.reliable-carriers.com, Pickup truck collected and on its way home, just 2 hours after contacting them!!

Many thanks to the team, particularly Dale who has pulled out all the stops.

Mecum.com make the right choice in Reliable!

Nick E.

Good morning Dale,

We know each other a few years now, which includes several deliveries to me, of Mecum purchased cars. From the first time, to the last (just this past Sunday from Monterey), your service is sublime, you’re well organized, you’re keenly aware of customer needs and expectations, and like a stork, you understand you’re delivering somebody’s “Baby”. I want to pay special accolade to your last two drivers, Eddie, who delivered to me some months back from Kissimmee, and Roger, from Monterey. They were polite, caring, and above all…professional. And that word, PROFESSIONAL, also sums you and RC up best. You’re a compliment to the Mecum experience, to where I’m reminded of something said in the movie “Forrest Gump” You fit together “like peas and carrots”. Kind of corny…but true! My only concern now is, that your head won’t fit through the next door you go through.

Be well my friend, have a great labor day weekend!

Jonathan K.

Dear Heather, Karen and Bob,

Thank you so much for all your help in the delivery and return of my car for the Pebble Beach sale in Monterey. I am sorry it did not sell but I am happy to have it returned in perfect condition. Mike and Cindy White, the transporters for Reliable, were very caring and professional. I know it is a nightmare to coordinate all the cars for sale and make each owner happy that you are representing him. You five made that happen. My car was delivered back in Kalamazoo Tuesday afternoon and is safely tucked away for now.

Thank you again for your very professional help,
John T.

Hi Bob,

I wanted to write and give thanks to Reliable as well as to driver, Brett Price, from Chicago.  Twice now, Brett has transported customer cars of ours and has always been personable, professional, and extremely cautious with our cars.  Give him thanks, and we will always recommend and use Reliable for our Automotive Transportation needs.

Cody L.

Hi Bob,

I’m back in Toronto from Monterey and I wanted to thank you for your efforts regarding the shipment of my Apollo. Everyone I dealt with associated with your company has been very courteous and helpful. My car arrived in perfect condition. A very professional operation.

Please notify me when my car is back in Canton and I will make arrangements to have it picked up.

John B.


I just want to make sure that if I did not convey it enough at Pebble Beach, that Jody and Angus were two of the best Reliable drivers I have had haul our vehicles. They rank up there with some of the best drivers you have sent me. I hope that I will  have an opportunity to work with them again in the future. They went above and beyond their responsibilities in making sure the Simplex was ready for the show and treated the vehicle with the greatest respect.

A true quality husband and wife team!

Derek M.


We were very happy to see Porsche using Reliable for this program!

Looking forward to working with your team!


Mr. Abrams,

Last night, after attending the Gooding Auction at Pebble Beach, I made my way back to my parking paddock lot…I ended up being stuck in the freshly poured mulch, my Mercedes AMG hopelessly stuck…I walked all the way back toward the Gooding auction tent, near which was the Reliable carriers lot area, with the multitude of carriers…I flagged down someone, to see if anyone could help…as it was late, and most of the other people in my lot had left…that person connected me with 3 people whom you employ…these 3 people spent the next 45 minutes helping me all they could…they were really helpful and asked for nothing in return…I owe them a debt of gratitude…their first names were:

These 3 folks were great, they said they worked for you…you are lucky to have such great people…and so I wanted you to know about it…thanks, much appreciated!

Peter N.

Hi –

I wanted to pass along my feedback on this job, at least regarding the front end arrangements and the delivery process/driver.

Front end: After I got my online quote and we decided to proceed with getting the car transported, I spoke with Kevin on the phone to make the necessary arrangements. He was a great guy – spent the necessary time to answer my questions, explain how the process would work, etc. He’s definitely the right guy to have on your end handling those types of things! And I called him a bit ago to ask for an e-mailed receipt of some sort for the charge to our credit card – he was very accommodating and pleasant.

Delivery: Couldn’t have asked for anything better!! I’d gotten a call earlier in the day from you folks, wanting to make sure we were going to be around in the late afternoon for the car delivery. Roger called ahead later to let us know when he’d be arriving and he rolled in her right on schedule. Another instance of having the right guy on the job – he was excellent. We couldn’t have asked for anything to have been better – the service was great. I was pleased with the way the car was tied down – ratcheted straps around the tire circumferences. We had a good conversation with him – again, the right guy for the job. We couldn’t have been happier!

I can’t speak to what happened specifically on the pick-up end of the job – it was handled by somebody else other than Roger. But the seller of the car said everything went well.

We’ll never deal with anybody else except Reliable! The fact that you don’t broker any of your jobs makes a big difference to us as well.

Please see that this info gets passed along to the management for these guys. They need to hear the feedback!

Thanks –
Bill W.

Dear Mr Sellers,

I wanted to drop you a quick email to say how impressed I was with David and Susan Lewis, one of your many owner operators. I run a business here in the UK and having good people is critical to our business survival. Our Partner in the US, Fast Forwarding based out of Chicago, use Reliable frequently for our specialized car moves in the US. I have always had good service from Reliable but these guys were special. Please pass on my sincere thanks to them, with their attitude and professionalism they are a true credit to your business.

Thank you for your companies continued high levels of service, it is very much appreciated.

With kind regards
Andy B.

Reliable Carriers,

I just wanted to write a letter to tell you how great a driver you have in Edgar Hernandez. Edgar transported five cars for me from Eagle Creek, Oregon to Burbank, California in late July. Edgar arrived on time, his truck was immaculate, he took great care in loading my vehicles and he arrive in Burbank as scheduled. After I left Edgar with the vehicles, I drove past the truck one hour later, and he was still working on the load to make sure it was ready to travel. Each vehicle was covered in plastic, just to make sure no fluids dripped on the vehicle below. The same care was taken when unloading the vehicles in Burbank.

I have had a lot of vehicles transported, and this was the best experience I have ever had. If Edgar is typical of your organization, you have one great company. Thanks for the terrific service.

Bill J.

Dear Sirs,

My husband and I want to thank you for the safe transport of our ’72 Buick Skylark from Lima, Ohio to Naples, Florida in June.

As we have never had the need to transport a vehicle, and since this car has high sentimental value to us, we had a lot of anxiety about who to choose when entrusting it to strangers. Our primary criteria were for the transport company to be owner operated and reputable, and we wanted an enclosed trailer for the move. Many brokers offered us ‘deals’ but shifted the job to 3rd party haulers. Plus, many were aggressive or just rude (like Intercity Lines – the ‘family’ company). No thanks! After talking to friends and family in the transport business, getting an opinion from Hagerty Insurance, and researching the Internet, we ultimately found Reliable and called for an estimate. Your employees were friendly, empathized with our concerns and put us to ease.

From staff availability to give the initial quote, (Laura in California), arranging dispatch with Dave Mesack, and ultimately , having Joe Hardy pick up and deliver our car, your staff was well coordinated and great to work with! Joe Hardy showed particular care when loading and removing the car from the carrier, plus, he is very personable. He gave us enough lead-time to meet with him at both locations, kept us apprised of where he was on the trip, or if he had delays.

You can be proud of your company and the work of your employees! Please share our compliments with them, for us! We will definitely recommend Reliable for car transport services!

Thanks again!
Virginia & Bill F.


We would like to thank you for all your help in making the transport of our 1963 Chevy Impala SS from Illinois to Arizona such a positive experience. Dave Armstrong, who brought our car out, is a true professional. He was always on time and took extreme care of not only our car, but the others he was transporting.

You can be assured that we will have only positive comments to pass on, should the opportunity arise.

Thanks again,
Steve and Lynne M.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Reliable for their support, in particular, Glenn Osterberg and Mike Richards, who went above and beyond their scope of responsibility as transport drivers and provided assistance whenever it was needed. Excellent support. Keep up the great work.

Michael M.

This note is to congratulate your company by employing haulers such as Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy kept me informed to his whereabouts, ETAs, and other valuable information regarding this pick up. Mr. Grubich is my son-in-law. He purchased this classic car while visiting us in Virginia. We discussed transportation to get the car to Waxhaw, a Charlotte, NC area community. I offered to drive it to him but he was told by classic car enthusiasts that Reliable Carriers was the way to go. We both have seen your ads in Hemmings Motor News and other publications.

Mr. Murphy proved the enthusiasts and your ads correct. What a pleasure it was to meet him and know that he was delivering Mark’s car to North Carolina. You are to be congratulated for your choice of haulers/drivers.

George P.


I just wanted to send a short note to say thank you for squaring away the pick-up date/time for my vehicles, having them taken care of allows me to focus on the somewhat monumental task of having movers invade my home, pack things up, load and move my household goods to CO.

Regarding the beginning stages of the vehicle shipping process, specifically the loading. I want to pass on a few commendatory comments to your company leadership. The driver (Mike, from NY (last name unknown)) was spot on all the way. After we located a suitable area to load my vehicles, he took the time to thoroughly discuss the entire process with me including conducting a detailed inspection of the vehicles…he loaded both of them with great ease and attention to detail, much like they were his own…I suspect a very simple process for someone with 20+ years of experience, and overall made the beginning of the shipping process rather seamless and stress free…hopefully the remainder of the process goes just as smoothly!

If possible I would like the company leadership to take notice of the driver (Mike) and provide him with some form of thanks, from the company and from the customer, perhaps a small raise / bonus, day off, etc….I hope the other members of the driving team are just as proficient…and care to do it right.

I will be in contact with you as soon as I pull out of town, and immediately upon arrival in CO. If you need to gain comm’s with me, please call my cell phone at any time; 719-351-1064



Once again we would like to thank you and Joe for working with us at GemCap.

As you know, we are not “car guys” we are lenders.  When we are forced to take possession of collateral in a default situation we need to have strong professional support. This is exactly what you provide us on this project.  Six vehicles on four loads.  You coped with numerous date and destination changes and were always there for us on time and with a smile.

We received compliments regarding Joe from Rebecca Ingram, the managing partner at The Hanger in Santa Barbara as well.

If and when we need to move vehicles in the future, you will be our first call.


Dear Mr. Sellers:

I just want to thank you, Kevin and the Reliable Team on the handled the moves for a new customer for us.

I have been in the transportation business for more than 20 years and have moved vehicles on just about every mode of transportation you can think of.

Our customer and the airline was amazed at the professionalism and the way these moves went.

Thank you again and I will be sending more your way.

Mark S.


The two Mazda Pace Cars are being unloaded, as I type. They look beautiful. Please let RELIABLE Carriers know that Bill Craig the driver was the most professional driver/hauler, I have worked with in a very long time.


We were very pleased with the service you provided for us, and with the friendliness and professionalism of our driver, Bob Richards. “We” includes my husband and myself, and our daughter and her husband, who were at the Idaho house to receive the cars.

Thank you,
Kay B.

As a recent customer of Reliable Carriers, I wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional service your driver Matt Swieringa provided. Matt transported five vehicles for me during our move from Clovis, California to Plain City, Ohio. From the moment Matt arrived he was “service oriented” and went above and beyond with making this long distance transition as smooth as possible. This included providing me with daily updates on his progress as he moved across the country, which was a great way to keep me informed. I also want to make you aware Matt transported a plant for us, which we consider a part of our family. While the plant is not exotic it was a gift from a family member who passed away four years ago from pancreatic cancer. Through the years, the plant has required to be transplanted several times into a new pot as it continues to grow. Simply put, this plant is a member of our family, which we could not ship using normal shipping practices and leaving this behind was not an option.

In closing as a vice president and corporate officer for Eddie Bauer, my opinion is the associates who you choose to represent your company or brand is the single most important decision an executive makes. Your decision to continue to hire associates of Matt’s caliber will ensure Reliable Carriers continues to be recognized as the best in the business with a standard of excellence. Once again, my appreciation for a job well done.

Steve V.

The whole experience was first class with your company from time that the order pick up was placed with Ralph to car delivery from Philip. I am very grateful that we chose to use your company.

We were truly impressed by our driver, Philip Buchanan’s professionalism and outstanding customer service. He delivered the car early and all went smoothly with on-going communication during the transportation from CA to TX. Especially during a holiday weekend!

Hillary H.


Thank you for the good service. We were very pleased all around with the good service and extra friendly drivers during the entire process of transporting our Porsche to Traverse City.

You can rest assured we will look to Reliable Carriers for our next transport needs.

Fred and Lucy K.

Mr. Tom Abrams,

We at the Nippon Express U.S.A. Inc. Chicago Ocean would like to acknowledge the work of your driver Carl Wallin who recently worked with us on a project regarding a race team from Japan Honda Technical going to Lincoln, Nebraska. We are very grateful for his help for the second time and his professionalism at all times. Even our customer had many kind words regarding his work. If the opportunity ever came up again, we would certainly request for Carl to be our driver again. He is a credit to your organization. Thank you again, Reliable Carriers and Harold Silverman for arranging the event, support and services.

Tony D.

Dear Bob,

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know about my wonderful experience with driver Joe O’Brien.  He was extremely gracious, professional and helpful throughout the entire pick up/delivery process.  We had difficulty with the mall on the receiving end and he was very patient and accommodating which we so greatly appreciate in a not so ideal situation.  Please forward my e-mail on to the appropriate person should that not be you.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day.

Katie B.

Excellent service guys!!!  Edgar was superb!

Mike T.

As usual Bob team arrived early and are unloaded and on their way.

All cars already on air pallets.

Jay B.

Z BEST. THANKS a million. First class!


I just want to commend you on all of your drivers I have met this week so far. I have received a dozen cars on three transports, and I expect a couple of more today.

But one driver stood out more than any other – Chuck. What a great guy.

I spent about four hours with Chuck last night because one of our competitors didn’t leave the key in the car and we couldn’t get it and another Great Race car off. After long conversations with the contestant and the driver I decided to call a locksmith.

It cost $225 and Chuck paid it out of his pocket. Although our competitor says he left the keys in the car, I believe Chuck.

Any way, if there is any way you could see clear to reimburse Chuck I know he would appreciate it (and so would I).

Jeff S.


SPECIAL THANKS to Lisa and Moe!!!!!! What a fabulous couple! They treated my ‘new’ Ram Charger like it was their own and I thank them so much for that! Please let them both know how ecstatic I am over this experience!

What a great company & what great people! When I need help with this kind of stuff again I will ONLY LOOK IN YOUR DIRECTION!

I’m so happy!

Very professional crew. Timely delivery. Underscore “Reliable Carriers” once again.

Thank you.
Fred K.

Our driver, Leo Searcy, was extremely pleasant and wonderful to work with. They felt very comfortable leaving their car in his hands.

The move went from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.

Paula A.

Bobbie and Hank were terrific as were my phone conversations with Kevin.
I’ve already given your business card to another Cape Codder.
A professional, courteous, efficient, and — yes — reliable company.



The driver Mike, delivered the vehicle. He is a “REALLY” nice man. Should give him a raise!! Very professional, knows what he is doing!! Would recommend your company and would use you folks again in the future.

John N.

Just wanted to thank everyone at Reliable, for the great delivery of my new baby from
Mecum – Indy 2013. It’s all in your name, nothing else is needed! Special thanks to my driver Bob Pruden.

Wayne & AnnMarie C.

On another note your driver was first class, I deal with over the road drivers every day. He and I ended up about a half mile from the delivery site and before we knew we were open unhooked and ready to pull the first Vheicle out. 90% of the drivers I have similar instances with we’re needless to say pissed and grumpy throughout the remainder of the delivery but your guy just took it in stride and moved on with the job

Chuck S.


I would like to let you know the four cars that JIM MUCHLER brought to us from Indy where handled the best I have seen the plastic secured under each car was double hung the axle straps not four but eight on each car and a rubber bungy to keep the chains from slinging into the car on an unexpected bump or stop, I think Jim took extra time to make sure their were no surprises also wheel chocks with a rope on it that could be taken off sitting in the car was slick just would like you the satisfaction for me the car were handled in such good care and also the throw rugs on the floor of the truck told me Jim was a step above. I thought for a man to go the extra step like Jim should get the recognition he deserves.

Speedy R.


Thank you again, I am so pleased with the service your driver Doug was outstanding when loading my car, he took great car in protecting it. I know that this is his job, but he
Demonstrated how much he loves his work.

I thank you and will certainly consider Reliable in the future,

John S.

Just received my car. The driver was a real pro, nice job!!

Thanks much,
Jeff M.

Tom and John,

I wanted to take a minute to express to you both my appreciation for Steve who spent the past Saturday with me on our trip of transporting the 1930 Model A Phaeton from St. Clair Shores to Hickory Corners for the grand opening of the Model A Ford Museum.

In the end, it made a significant difference having Reliable transport the vehicle as it removed much of my personal stress and concern. Steve should be commended for his professionalism and oversight but also he was just a great guy to have around for the day. He took personal interest in the well being of the car but also in the event.

I just thought you might like to know that you have some great employees and I appreciate Reliable Carriers.

Best wishes,


The house car arrived safely. What an amazing piece of history. Thanks to Reliable for figuring out the way to get it out here, and Jack was a pleasure to have be the driver.



I’m sending a note to acknowledge the excellent work that Hank & Bobbi Wagner performed for us on the recent shipment of our advanced D544 research models from Dearborn to Anaheim. Sincere thanks and gratitude have been sent to me from various levels of our management regarding the professional and extremely fast ship timing for these (2) models. These models were really behind timing-wise, left Dearborn on Tuesday evening (5/7) and they made it to Anaheim at around 11 AM today (5/8).

If you could do anything special for them on our behalf, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the continuous, professional support on behalf of Ford Design.

Greg S.


We, the employees at M & M Restoration, want to take this time to say Thank You to you and your company – Reliable Carriers, Inc., for the utmost service that you and your drivers have shown to us when a vehicle has been delivered to our business. The drivers are very professional in every way and it’s easy to tell that they take pride in their job.

We recently had a vehicle, 1987 Grand National GNX, delivered from Orlando, FL, the driver was Chris Woodward.

The latest vehicle, 1979 V W Beetle, delivered from Las Vegas, NV, the driver was Lainez (sorry, I don’t have another name for him).

We look forward to calling Reliable Carriers when we need another vehicle picked up and brought to Lynn, Alabama. We appreciate doing business with Reliable Carriers.

Thank You,
Marlon W., owner

Hi Mike,

I wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for all of the assistance that you provided last week with the rental vehicles and the vehicle we purchased. Without your extra effort and flexibility, we would not have been able to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. I certainly thought you went above and beyond all expectations.


I’d also like to recognize Al for the several vehicle shipments that he provided for us throughout the week. He was easy to work with, flexible and on time which further enabled us to execute the plan that we laid out.

Thanks again and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with each of you.

Best Regards,
Mike P.


Bob and Tammie were excellent representatives of Reliable service. We appreciate them and their services.

With kind regards,
Bryan R.


Your folks did a magnificent job once again…thank you very much!

Bob F.

Dear Bob,

I want you to know that last week your company moved 5 cars for me. To say that your are the best understates my move. Your Driver Roy (cannot find the paperwork for his last name) Was the best Driver I have ever encountered (I have been shipping cross country for 41 years). He was professional and on time. What more can I say. He transported the cars from Fresno, Ca to Lakehills, Texas with a pickup on Monday 4/29/13 to 5/3/13. You will see my review (my first ever on angies list) this week. I wish that I had seen you first, it would have saved 1.5 months of BS trying to find the best carrier for my babies.

Cary A.

Hello, Bob–

Most people write when they have a complaint. I am writing to commend you and your entire staff on a job well done in delivering this vintage car which I purchased for my handicapped brother.

We were referred to you as “the best” by Jason Philips of AutoAppriase.

This was my first interstate transport of a vehicle and John Goliembeski of Reliable helped me with the original quote.

Both your Michigan and Arizona offices are staffed with professional, courteous staff who helped me along the way in determining pick-up times and expected arrival times. I believe I spoke with either Jim or Pete in one of the locations and both gentleman were very cooperative, helpful, and reassuring.

The driver on this run was Mark Reed. He exceeded our expectations for the delivery time and the vehicle was delivered to Chicago (LaGrange, actually, a suburb) before the closing of the garage this past Friday. We were told either late Friday or perhaps Saturday by noon. The timing was perfect.

Mark was most pleasant and accommodating. He telephoned me at home to advise that the car arrived safely and was tucked away in the garage. He then went over his inspection report of the vehicle which showed no changes from the appraisal/inspection prepared by the AutoAppriase people.

It is good to know that there are still companies out there to deliver what they promise and you can rest assured that I am happy to recommend Reliable Carriers to anyone in need of shipping a vehicle.

An extremely satisfied customer,
Michael O.

P.S.  Although Mark did not solicit any commendation and would probably be embarrassed to be recognized as “top notch”, I hope that you and the rest of your management recognize Mark for the outstanding customer service we received.  My only regret is that I was not able to thank him personally as he was on the move to Ohio during the infamous Chicago Friday traffic conditions.


Thanks for sending Jose in to pick up & deliver. Great guy! Really appreciated his professionalism, courtesy, and tender loving care with the Porsche.

I welcome him within our service needs anytime.

Take care – Thanks again.
Bryan R.

Thanks again, Bob, for all of the help last week! Pleasure working with you and your team as always.

Take care,

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regards to Clay & Mary Henderson. Clay & Mary delivered two of my cherished family owned vehicles to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach, Florida from Ohio on March 30th, 2013. Having been an auto dealer for over 50 years, I have dealt with a great number of transporters. There are not enough words to describe perfectly the level of professionalism & care that Clay & Mary delivered on this heartfelt day.

From their sparkling rig appearance to their white glove service in loading, covering & securing my cars, their first impression was first class. Clay & Mary delivered on time and in the condition they were sent. Clay & Mary are down to earth and trustworthy.

Thank you Clay & Mary for making this transport a stress free one!

Jim W.

Hi Emily,

Just wanted to touch base with you.

Car has been delivered on site.

Manuel is great – going above and beyond to be patient and safe with the car (exactly what I want with the Maserati QP!).

Peter L.


Got my car last night. Thank you for a prompt professional delivery. And thank your driver Gerald. He was great.

Kevin M.


I am not sure but I think you guys only give us the gold standard every time. Brian has been a pleasure. A true asset to Reliable Carriers.

Shane D. & Don D.

Dear Dale,

I felt it necessary to let you know how pleased I am with Reliable and its’ drivers. As you know Reliable transported several of my cars, using 6 vans. Over the years I have had many haulers but none that showed the courtesy that Reliable and its’ drivers have shown. I am a Reliable customer forever. Thanks again for the great treatment.

Lynn W.

Hello Bob,

Just a quick note of thanks.

Eddie Anaya delivered my 2 cars (babies) to me at Mountain House CA yesterday. He was wonderful and helpful every step of the way. I called his cell phone frequently during the transport and he always got back to me same day if he was unavailable. He was polite and just great to deal with.

The cross-country trip started with Richie picking up the cars in New Hampshire off an old farm road with snow on the ground. He also was excellent! And went above and beyond the call of duty, according to me (by phone) and my friend-mechanic on the NH end.

Wow, a delight to deal with such straight shooters and professional people. You can be proud. I will use Reliable again in a heartbeat and even pay extra because of that sense or trust and security I got.

One nit, I think I should get one of those nice Reliable baseball caps as part of the move….any chance?

Thanks again to your team.

John S.

Hi Bob,

Hope you are well! The auto show move out went great, thanks again for supplying us with an awesome team of timely drivers.

Thanks again!
Savannah L.

Dear Mr McHenry,

I just received an excited call from my grand children. Though they were sad to see Poppy’s Lotus being shipped from LA ,back to Michigan they had the most wonderful time with JOE your driver. He explained everything to them, the three of them can be quite inquisitive, and let them witness the entire process. They couldt stop raving about the experience and neither can their mother.

In all my experiences (I’ve shipped 4 times) with your company I have always been impressed with the professionalism of your company and the care you take with the cars under your charge. But, I would be remiss if I did not compliment you all on the way you make the process so enjoyable and low stress. I assure you that those of use who love our “RIDES” gets stressed when they are out of our care. Thanks again to ALL of you and specifically to Joe (LA dispatch) for making this such a great experience for my grand children, and being the professionals that you are.

Your Costumer For Life
Joel S.

My wife and I recently relocated from Portage, Michigan to Rogers, Arkansas. Our place of employment contracts with a car-shipping company that we were less than enthused about using, After differences of opinion, our employer agreed to let us to ship one of our cars-a later-model luxury vehicle-with the company of our choice (Reliable Carriers). We chose to ship my wife’s car with the company’s contracted carrier.

The employer-contracted carrier showed up at our house with an open flat-bed tow truck, which was not a major issue. Expected arrival was two weeks. Our car showed up on time, but it was very muddy inside and out. The odometer registered an additional 53 miles from when we released it to the company to ship. We didn’t notice any damage at the time of delivery, but while washing the vehicle the next day, we noticed a large chunk of rubber missing from the sidewall of the front left tire. After a week-long dispute with the employer-contracted carrier, they agreed to pay for the damage. Meanwhile, it has been 10 days and they have yet to reimburse us. Next time, we will fight harder to have both our vehicles shipped by Reliable Carriers.

My experience with Reliable Carriers was first class. Dale’s team was professional, courteous and punctual. Each driver called prior to pick-up and delivery, and the vehicle arrived in the same condition that it was picked up in. Reliable Carriers lived up to their name and more. Thanks, guys!

DeMarco M.


I’m not sure I ever wrote to thank you for putting my Lincoln phaeton in the hands of a very careful and and thoughtful driver, Bob Stankiewicz. He stayed in touch as he progressed up the east coast (and around the snowy center of the country), arrived at Classic Car Services at the time he had told me, and unloaded with car with care. It was a real pleasure to work with both you him–and I would recommend reliable with enthusiasm.

The owner of CCS, Chris Charlton, and I are starting a spring service and check-over on the car this Saturday. His shop has sent quite a few cars to Pebble Beach, and taken top honors. So I feel fortunate to have him looking after the car. This is going to be fun!!

Best regards, and thanks again,

I used your company to transport a 52 Chevy from NY to Western Ky. Wanted to tell you that the service was unbeatable, and the drives Angus and Jodi Haywood took extreme care unloading the car. Very nice friendly people. Even gave me a short call to make sure everything was OK the next day, since it was dark when we unloaded it. Excellent service.

Thank you and we will be using your services again.

Hello, Bob

I just wanted to let you know the 911 GT3 was successfully p/u this morning and your driver, Joe O’Brien, is the greatest! When I called him at 10:00 he was just 15 minutes away from the airport. Not only did he send me a text picture of the (covered) car in his truck, but he also made a personal follow-up call to let me know everything went smoothly and that he would be overseeing the final delivery to the convention center on Monday/Tuesday. It is a true testament to what genuine good customer service is all about, I wish it were the same everywhere!

Have a great weekend…I know I will now!

Ellyn W.


I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the great team of drivers you sent to Amelia Island to work with me. Rafael, Ron, and Keith were outstanding. I had multiple planned events, and vehicle moves I was responsible for this year. It was very challenging. Your guys made a logistically difficult weekend easier on me by being ready at all times and handling any task I asked them to do. I arrived on Thursday around noon at Peter’s Point to find three clean trucks parked right in the front row, with three drivers waiting to get to work. I have received excellent feedback from the GM Communications people, and everybody was happy. Many of the comments I received was concerning what a great group of guys your drivers were. It was a great show, and I have to thank you and your drivers for helping me pull it off.

Michael E.

Reliable Carriers sent Eric Raymond and Bob Pruden to pick up the cars in November. They were much more than just drivers. The care with which they loaded the cars, and the friendly way they made my son Jim a part of the day was fun to watch. As hard as it was to watch those huge semis drive away, it was reassuring to know that the cars were in good hands.


Thank you and all of your staff for doing a fabulous job of transporting my vehicle around the mid-west. From the time that you picked up the car from Cauley a year ago in December 2011 and taking it to Milwaukee/Bennett Coach Works, to picking it up and transporting it from Bennett and routing it to Brembo in Plymouth. From Plymouth to Cobo Hall for the AutoRama and then finally to my residence in Bloomfield Hills. Your drivers, your dispatchers, your commitment to on time and readiness was absolutely flawless.

What a first class organization. I do not assume that you are the prefect end all as we all have and do fail on occasion. That said, you always provide the “Heroic Recovery” when necessary.

Please review my file since December 2011 and forward my appreciation to all of those who were involved. I woke up this morning and thought to myself….WOW…. you do deliver.


My car arrived just now. Thank you for doing such a great job. My father has had this car for 35 years: it obviously is irreplaceable on that point alone.

Your driver did a wonderful, professional jobs It arrived in pristine condition.

Dear Bob,

We (Vicki and I) wanted to say thank you for your help in shipping our purchase at Barrett Jackson. Time has flown buy and you have been very busy with the entire Auctions across the Country! Your delivery driver was a great credit for your company!

Wishing you all the best and if you ever need parts of products for a pool or spa just give me a call. I am just right across the river in Longmeadow!

Take Care and hope to use you in the Future
Fred & Vicki B.

Dear Sir,

I have just had a classic Mercedes Benz delivered to me by Bill and his co-driver (I’m sorry I have forgotten his name) this afternoon to Petaluma, California.

I found these two men to be extremely professional and I am so impressed with the service and value for money and the care of which these two men took with the car I had to write to you. From the first contact this morning notifying me of their anticipated arrival today to the time they left, they were impressive.

I will ensure that all future shipments of vehicle are made by your company.

My very best regards,
Chris D.

Dear Sirs,

Just wanted to mention the great and prompt service of Reliable Carriers. The car arrived early and they helped off load it before I arrived. Drivers were courteous and even stayed an extra night to facilitate my schedule. Prompt attention to emails too.

Highly recommended.
Andrew L.

Hi Ralph,

Just to let you know…my car is now in Tucson!

Bill Craig and Ken picked it up in MA on Saturday night and delivered it to my son in Tucson last night, just 4 days, WOW! They were great to deal with, two nice guys, I felt very comfortable sending the car with them. So efficient. And, thank you for your great service, I really appreciate it and really appreciate how easy this whole thing was.

Linda T.

Thank you for the FAST, PROMPT, and DEPENDABLE service. Very courteous, polite, careful, and professional driver. I can certainly tell he likes what he is doing !

Thanks again, I will be using NO ONE but Reliable Carriers in the future !


Hi Dale,

Just wanted to let you know that my cars got here to Colorado from Iowa in great shape. I want to thank you for all your help. The driver was outstanding, he keep me informed on the pickup time travel time and what time we could expect delivery. He was on time all the time. When I told Dan (the driver) how impressed we were in the service he said “that why they call us Reliable”. Your company service is outstanding, I guess that why your number one.

Thanks again,
Tim and Ann K.

I have enjoyed working with Woodward as well. He seems to always be engaged with his loads and is conscientious about doing what he can to make the customer happy.


I just wanted to let you know that I had a great experience with your service. I purchased a vehicle at the Mecum auction in Kissimmee, FL. Getting a quote and arranging for transport was simple and very easy. Your rep at the auction was very polite and professional. The driver, Phillip, gave me frequent calls as to the status of the delivery and my car arrived early and in great shape.

I am very satisfied with the overall experience.

Just wanted you to know.
Mike S.


I just wanted to write a note to let you know Eric Raymond did a great job today. He is one of the few Reliable drivers that have been willing to drive all the way into the complex and deliver the cars to my building. He even looked at my complex in Google Maps last night so he could see how to navigate the roads within the complex. He was helpful and professional. He had to hand load take-off parts that were picked up at Shelby. I didn’t even know they were sending them with the car. He is a great representative of your company.

Best Regards,
David S.

Vehicle was delivered this am in perfect order. Driver, Jim Alley, was exceptional, thanks to all for a job well done.


Hi Steve,

I had a car picked up today and although I wasn’t the party that hired you, I’m writing to say that the driver, Jim Alley was one of the best that I’ve dealt with. I’ve shipped a lot of cars and worry every time so it was refreshing to have someone that knew how to tie a street rod down and took the time to wrap the straps with micro fiber cloths. He also did a great job of negotiating my street and positioning the trailer for the easy loading of the car. You were hired by Kathleen Decker & Rich Barto who purchased the car which you’re delivering to Wood Dale Ill.

Have a great day,
Bill Y.

Hey Guys,

Sorry we don’t do this more often, but I wanted to thank you and the Reliable-Carriers team for all your support and assistance you provide to us throughout the year. It is especially helpful when you provide us with consistency by giving us drivers that know the procedures, idiosyncrasies and the area.

While we never have issues with whoever you send to us; guys like Donny, Larry, Jim, Bill, Brian, Curtis, John, Dave, etc. (the “regulars”) really have become part of our team, and I really appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile and work hand in hand with us to make this sometimes difficult job easier. We trust them like our own employees, and in turn they help us do a better job for our clients, which is really where it’s at.

Once again, thank you for your continued support! Have a great Holiday Season.

Warmest personal regards,

Dear Reliable Carriers,

I don’t usually write comments to companies; however, in this case I felt strongly about it.

Yesterday we had 3 loads of GMC vehicles brought to our site for our Sea Ray Yacht Expo this weekend.

I want to commend you on the type of drivers you have working for you. Gary Morrison, Keith Anderson and unfortunately I don’t have the name of the third but it is trailer LG109, were the most professional gentlemen I have met in a long time.

They represent your Company well and I just wanted you to know!!!

Dianne N.

Tom, Al…

Just a quick note to let you know what a great job Eveilo Lainex did bringing my Daytona fown from Washington State last week. He kept me posted everyday as to schedule, and took care of my car as it was his own. Delivered on time, and a real gentleman. Thanks guys…Going to Mecum in January, and will definitely have you haul my cars home.

Best Regards,
David C.

Dear Bob,

Our cars are on the way to Chicago. I just want to let you know how pleased I was with Roger our driver.

In my years in this hobby I have had the opportunity to use many different carriers {open & closed}. This was the first time I used Reliable. In today’s fast pace society , it seems like true customer service has taken a back seat. This is not so with Roger. Even though Roger had hydraulic issues with his trailer he kept in contact with me assuring me that he would work around my schedule to get the cars . When he arrived he was totally professional & very courteous. He treated the cars like they were his own. I was truly impressed with him. I am writing this to let you know that since he is the “face” of Reliable that you truly have a great ambassador  for your company. If possible can we get Roger to bring the cars back to Texas on there return trip? I look forward to meeting you in Chicago & rest assured this will not be the last time I use or recommend Reliable. I feel that you needed to know!

Best Regards,
Marty B.

Thank You for delivering my 3 prized Monte Carlo SS cars from NC to NY! Your driver Al was super professional, and courteous! He was prompt, and called me numerous times to let me know where he was at, and if he was running a touch late due to traffic! Your Dispatch department employee Kevin was also very prompt and courteous! Price was reasonable and your truck fleet is impressive! Clean and very professional service!

If I ever need any auto transported again, you guys are my ONLY choice! Thanks for a job well done!

Shaun P.


61 corvette was delivered this afternoon and I couldn’t be more pleased. Everything arrived very safely and the car (though a project) is here safe and sound.

Thank you so very much for helping me get the car here. I will definitely use reliable for my next enclosed transport.

I also have to thank the driver, Chuck. He was VERY conscientous in delivering the car and is a great representative for reliable. I can tell he enjoys his work and made me confident in doing future business with you guys.

Thanks again from Texas,


Just wanted you to know that Paul and his wife Anita were very helpful today in getting the funny cars to Vegas, in spite of some terrible traffic.

If possible, we’d like to have them bring our cars back at the completion of SEMA.



Thank you for your help your so quick thats why your company is the best in the business.

Here are a few pics I took at Barrett-Jackson in West Palm Beach this year. Just 2 things I wanted to see that day was the Barrett-Jackson Auction and for sure your TRUCKS as you can see from my pics. My passion is photography of cars,nascar,nhra, and Trucks. Before I started here at Gunther I worked for a small transport company here in south florida for 5 years that was 13 years ago that’s when I first saw your trucks and ever since have been in love with your trucks. They are the most beautiful trucks on the roads by far!!!

Thank you again Bob for your help and as all ready called me and my qoute sent in email form that fast.

You guys are great!

Ernie D.


I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for your support and the delivery of my 2003 James Bond edition T-Bird.

I also wanted to mention on the last two deliveries the drivers have been outstanding and just great to work with, always focused on the customer and real car guys. The driver today, Brad, was just first class.

It is always a pleasure to do business with you.

Thank You,
Allan R.


A delivery from Wooster, OH to St. Clair, MI said she was thrilled by Reliable carriers’ careful service. She stated driver Randy Stephens was outstanding and as professional as could be. She also told me based on the service, she Nancy Giannosa will recommend Reliable Carriers to all her friends that move vehicles.

Tom W.

Dear Dave,

Just a note to advise that Ed Pastore handled the Jags at Lufthansa-JFK extraordinarily well!! It was unfortunate that no one knew where the keys were for these two Jags, and that in addition he had to jump-start the jags as well. He was the right man at the right place for this job! He just advised he’s on his way to Mahwah, NJ with them. Please feel free to forward this email on to whoever his boss might be.


Dear Mr. Abrams,

I want to thank you for having such great, reliable service.

I go to many of the car auctions, with a bunch of my friends here in Denver, and we have used Passport (now FedEx) Transport for our cars for many years. Over the last few shipments, I’ve become pretty disgruntled with their service, and I thought I would try someone new. I met Dale Wilson out at the Monterey auction, and I was impressed with his professional manner. He seemed to be a reliable, honest man – so I consigned him one of my cars. It arrived safely, and on time.

Everything was precisely as Dale said it would be, and your driver – Ron – was very professional and helpful as well. Thanks for great service, I will be calling Dale again.

Best Regards,


Greetings, I wanted to ensure your driver Don Hill who handled the transport of the Corvette last week going to JFK was complimented on an OUTSTANDING job!! Not only did he provide us with status of the car while in transit he worked with the some what interesting crew at the JFK airport to get the car unloaded and the transport completed. As you know in our transportation world we never give enough credit for a job well done and the extra effort!

The Performance Plus team definitely finds the Reliable Program a model of the “Raving Fans” template. Again, great job to Don and the team. No question with service or employee effort like this we will continue to grow our business with Reliable.

Best Regards and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.



Just a fast thank you for your great service in delivery of my Corvette. The driver was very professional and makes a great contribution to your company. Just a little FYI- My Corvette club is contemplating on a trip later this year to the West Coast. Our plan is it transport the cars out there, tour for about 10 days and then transport them back to the Philadelphia area. I’ve already told them about Reliable, so hopefully we can do some business in the near future.

Thanks again,



Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. With some negotiation we were able to get the owner of the cars to agree to allow them to be removed from the state immediately, thereby eliminated the need for your guys to be stuck at the truck stop for twenty-four hours.

Eric and Jerry were great. Both were friendly and courteous, as well as very professional in their dealings with us and the manner in which they handled the vehicles. You have two great drivers.

If a need for trucking services arises in the future, I will be sure to contact you.

Thank you again,



Picked up the car from Bill and Katy this morning with no hassles [apart from the fog!!] I met them on I 10 north of my house and Katy helped me get the Jag and my modern transport back to my house!

Fully endorse Ben’s compliments to your team – Bill and Katy are special people and I will be recommending your Company to the various Car Club members that need transportation in the future – just like you guys were recommended to me!

Thanks to all,



We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for the safe arrival of our recently purchased 1938 Pontiac sedan purchased in MN. Reliable was recommended to us; and we were anxious for the arrival of the car. The drivers were Bill Craig and Ken, we don’t have Ken’s last name.

Bill Craig was so informative of the status of the car, he returned my phone calls, and kept me notified when he picked up the car; and where his itinerary would take him. He kept me informed of the expected time of arrival in Winter Park, FL. Needless to say, his attention to detail was so very much appreciated on this end. I want to commend you and your company for the caliber of drivers such as Bill and Ken representing your business. Not only did I receive a new car; but also shipped an additional 2 vehicles to my son in MS. This transaction occurred so smoothly and saved us a lot of time and concernS. I would highly recommend your service to others.



Mr. Sellers,

I wanted to drop You a note to express deepest thanks for Your company’s handling of several classic cars I purchased during the G. Potter auction in Atlantic City last weekend.

The husband and wife transport team from your company that actually delivered my cars were absolutely fantastic. They took great care in delivering the vehicles and were very helpful.

Please give them my most sincere thank you.




Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated having your gorgeous rig in our midway this year. Cindy and Mike were great representatives for your company and in less than optimum conditions (it rained all day Saturday) worked hard at making sure everything was perfect – both on the midway and in doing their “day jobs” of transporting these historically important cars to and from our event. They are a credit to your organization.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.



We would like to thank you and Al for doing exactly what you committed to regarding our 1969 Ford Truck, which I purchased new after returning home from the Army. We chose Reliable after watching your commercial on the Mecum Auto Auction. You have certainly lived up to your reputation.

Please acknowledge Jon Ullrich for his professional and genuine concern for our special truck. We watched him carefully load and make sure the truck was secured properly. It arrived safely to our son in Flower Mound, Texas.

Thank you for your reliable five-star service.



Dear Mr. Abrams:

I am writing today to commend the outstanding service provided by Reliable Carriers driver Craig Habben. This was my first experience using a specialized car transport carrier and I really didn’t know what to expect regarding the delivery of my newly acquired 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe. Craig quickly established a friendly and professional rapport with me and kept me informed of his progress regarding the delivery schedule. The car wasn’t the easiest to unload because it is not running and the brakes don’t work. Additionally, I live on an acreage in a heavily forested neighborhood which is on a private road. As a result, I needed to contract with a local transport company to provide Roll Off service since the large Reliable Trailer would have not made it into my neighborhood.

I met Craig at the appointed time at my local Menards and he knew all of the professional tricks of the trade to get my newly prized possession safely off of the Reliable Trailer. He could have stopped there and been on his way, but he wanted to make sure the car was delivered safely to my home and put in my garage. Not only did Craig wait with me for an additional forty-five minutes for the arrival of the local transport company, but he also had to work with an in-experienced Roll Off driver. Craig was able to again quickly build a professional rapport with the Roll Off driver. He quickly pitched in to get the car securely loaded without damage on the Roll Off which took some effort regarding the car’s size and current mechanical condition.

Again, he could have been on his way. However, Craig then accompanied me to my home with the local transport driver following. As I mentioned, it isn’t the easiest to get even a Roll Off maneuvered successfully around my property and once again Craig jumped in to instruct the driver on how to accurately place the Roll Off so the car could be unloaded effortlessly and placed into my garage. He did all of this with great enthusiasm and a wonderful attitude towards the inexperienced driver. Craig truly understood how important this car is to me and made sure that nothing was going to go wrong. Thanks to Craig and Reliable Carriers, I had an outstanding customer experience which seems to be rare in today’s world. I received tremendous value for the money I spent with Reliable Carriers. Thank you and please send my best wishes to Craig Habben.




The PACE Formula I car arrived in pristine condition … all of us at Belcan greatly appreciate your willingness to help. My sincere thanks to Bruce Reisinger who so carefully brought the car to us … it was a pleasure working with him to close-out a successful trip. I will be taking some photos over the next several weeks and at the race events and will send you copies. Thanks again for everything you did to help … take care …


Hi Maggie and Emily,

I just wanted to let you know that the contacts who received the Fender Tundra that was delivered to Tempe the other day were very impressed, especially with the driver, Dennis. Just thought I would pass this on to you.

Thanks for all your hard work, we appreciate it!

Mike P.


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how great the staff of Reliable Carriers is and how much I appreciate them and your company.

Yesterday at the Meadowbrook Concour I drove our 1937 Airflow Coupe from the Museum to the event in the morning. While trying to leave the field at the end of the day and drive it back to the Museum, the electric choke failed and I had some other carburetor issues. The vehicle was dead on the field and I had no good options. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Dale Wilson on site. He immediately arranged to have one of your drivers, Steve Orcutt, assist me with towing the vehicle and loading onto his trailer. It was a life savor. They were flexible and extremely pleasant to deal with.

I do not think that I could find the level of professionalism with any other transportation company. From the office staff to the drivers, your company is the best.

Thanks again,



As you know I have been collecting cars for over 50 years and have had occasion to use many of the different transport companies over the years. This has given me the opportunity to experience the style of many different drivers. The reason that I am writing this letter is to let you know that without question one of the best drivers I have ever come across is Martin Blasko. Martin is dependable, cordial and one of the most pleasant drivers I have ever had the experience of working with.

I know that people don’t always take the time to compliment your excellent drivers in writing and I thought that it would be appropriate to let you know that Martin was one of the best, if not the best driver I have ever come across in all my years of having cars transported.

I would further like to say that your cooperation and attentive watching over of the situation made the entire Meadow Brook show experience a pleasure. I will look forward to working with Reliable in the future. If you ever need an endorsement or picture of the concept cars being loaded into a Reliable trailer that you would like to use in one of your ads please feel free to be my guest.

Best regards,

Joseph B.

I just want to let you know the Reliable truck driver, Bruce, picked up the car yesterday. You should know that he is an upstanding driver, very caring, very careful, and very knowledgeable in his job. He made us feel very comfortable with our car in his hands.Just wanted to let you know.

Bob W.


My name is Michael (Mac) Mc Elroy pro driver for The Driving Connection for the Sonata tour. I have done many ride and drives in my career working with Reliable Carriers, how ever I have never worked with a greater driver than Jim Galgoul! What a great person to have to represent your company! Cars arrived safe and on time.

His go to attitude, and willing to help out in any situation is a great commodities! I would highly recommend Reliable Carriers in the future if you have guys like Jim. I am sure he will be called out by name next time we do it once again!

We have a saying in this business, your as good as your last tour, well Reliable will be back (with Jim of course!)

Best regards,

Michael M.


I wanted to take a few moments to express my appreciation and thanks to you, Corey Reynolds, and Reliable Carriers for what I consider PERFECT services! The entire experience was exactly as I needed and every aspect of the transport was flawless! We called Corey on Saturday morning (July 31) to ask if we could get him to pick up earlier than our pre-scheduled time due to inclement rain approaching. Corey quickly responded and actually arrived before we could at the pickup location. He professionally and carefully loaded our vehicle and patiently waited for us to make arrangements to allow us to complete the transaction with the seller. Once there, we met with him to be sure we had our route planned. Corey drove his truck through some driving rain and traffic with care and never took any risks from North Carolina, through South Carolina and into Georgia. We felt comfortable that he took care of our 2009 Shelby Cobra as if it were his own. We met back up with him in Georgia and although the traffic north of Atlanta and onto the I285 bypass around Atlanta was congested, Corey took care and time to ensure the car was transported safely to our destination.

I must say, Reliable Carriers are by far the most professional and experienced personnel as a company to transport vehicles. I am extremely pleased with the service and will highly recommend your company to others. Please pass this along to Corey and we hope he can get back to his family and spend some time with them.

Thank you again,

Bert J

It did in perfect time. It showed up on Tuesday morning. The day my detail guy comes in. He spent the afternoon spit shining it. We then parked it in line next to the 1937 Lincoln V-12 cane back town car. The RX-7 would fit in the glove box.

It was the hit of the show because several of those present we at Mazda for the launch of that car in 1978. It evoked many good memories for folks.

The job was perfect. Thank you.


Dear Mr. Sellers,

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I appreciated our driver, Courtney, who brought our 1960 Ford Sunliner from California to Memphis, TN. Unfortunately, the car did not start, but Courtney stayed with my husband and I and tried a million different things to help us get on our way. He even had a Bentley on board, as well as a vintage corvette, and stayed with us in one of the worst parts of Memphis. Kudos, Courtney! I hope all of your drivers are so kind, and courteous, and well, just plain friendly. Courtney, I hope this gets to you! YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Most sincerely,

Libbie and David S.


You guys are amazing. Picked up my 1973 Dodge Challenger from Mecum to Dallas, you beat me there by three hours! I flew out on Monday.

Thanks for taking care of me.

Michael D.

Hi Dale,

Just wanted to drop a quick email and say thanks for once again taking good care of me! I really appreciate the great customer service and the extra care you guys take for return customers. The Bronco, Land Cruiser and the Firebird were all well taken care of and arrived here in Salisbury the following Monday. And I got to tell you, the husband and wife team that dropped them off were the very best. They were fast, friendly, courteous and professional and I wanted you to know that on their behalf.

Alrighty my friend, have a great holiday season and I’ll be seeing you Scottsdale!

Gary E.

Hi Bob,

I lost Carl Wallin’s card after he rescued Craig Jackson and myself on September 26. I had planned to write him in thanks for the incredible job he did picking us up. Without a doubt, he was the BEST and most professional person I have ever met while loading a $2m supercar. Apparently he has handled a few of the Veyron’s in the past, and did a hell of a job loading Craig’s. It was no easy task considering how wide and heavy it is.

So, not only was he spot on with the loading, he had his cab cooled down to 62 degrees with cold beverages for us. How nice was that after sitting in the desert with minimal water for four hours?! Then the Barrett-Jackson bus passed/missed us, and Carl took us to Wickiup to meet Steve Black.

I just wanted to say thank you, and what a great guy Carl is. Hope you are well, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this to him.

Look forward to working with you in January, take care.


Perry D.

Dear Mr. Sellers,

I’m honestly not sure who the nice people were that delivered my brothers Corvette to Temecula California today were but, they certainly represent your company well.

I was very impressed with the fact that they were on time and went out of there way to be carful with the car.

You are very fortunate to have such professional employees.


Mark S.


I am sure you rarely hear from happy customers so I thought I should send you a note. We own a boutique exotic car operation just north of Houston Texas in a place called The Woodlands. We ship 20-30 cars a month across the country and inevitably we find ourselves chasing drivers every week to try and get them to “JUST DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL”. Last night after spending the day listening to one of your competitors come up with excuses on another car that was due in, Your drivers Rod and Kris Peterson showed up as promised, within the 2 hour window they gave days before. They were efficient, pleasant, and in and out quickly. I thought to myself that I don’t remember when we ever had a problem with your company and thus decided to send you a note and say GREAT JOB!!! I look forward to continuing business with you as we grow our company.


Karl S.

Dale, Steve and Tom,

I wanted to let you know that I am totally pleased with my experience with Reliable Transport. I was disappointed it took a couple weeks to set up but after I read the article about your company in Sports Car Magazine, I realized you were the best company and I would have been willing to wait for your company to handle my move.

I was even more impressed when I met James Griffin on the delivery end of the transaction. He is highly professional and showed total attention to detail in the delivery of my vehicle. The vehicle arrived in perfect condition. It is obvious that James does this every day and he is an excellent representative for your company. I would always use your company whenever I ship a car.

Thank you for making this transaction go off without a hitch.

Please see to it that James Griffin receives the recognition he should for a job well done. Please at your convenience also forward me his personal mailing address so I can send him a token of my appreciation and some photos.

Thank you,

Howard H.


The students at BYU and our team at Belcan have prepared a plaque for Reliable Carriers as a “thanks” for all the your help in transporting the car from BYU, Cincinnati, Detroit, and back – overall, working with the car was a great opportunity for the students and everyone involved had a great time. If you have an appropriate venue, I would be happy to come up sometime and “present” the plaque to you and your staff to express our appreciation. I recognize that you and the Reliable community are “on the move” most of the time, but if there is an opportunity, I would be glad to accommodate it if possible. Let me know your thought and preferences, and I will see what I can do. If it becomes too difficult to arrange, I would be glad to send it to you wherever you chose. Again, many thanks from all of us.

Thanks, Jim

In January I bought a car at Barrett – Jackson in Scottsdale and hired Reliable to deliver it to Delaware. I was told it would take two weeks before it would be delivered. On Friday (Jan 28) the car arrived! The driver called on Thursday night and told me when he would be here and he called again on Friday morning. The car arrived in perfect condition and with all the items that I had put in the trunk while I was in Scottsdale. I’m sorry I didn’t get the drivers name but he is the kind of employee that every company wants.

Great service, and I’ve been driving my 1924 Mercedes Benz kit car with the top down and it’s very cold in Delaware!

Thanks again for the speedy and careful service.

Bob B.
Millsboro, Delaware

Mr. Sellers

Pat called me on Monday and indicated that he would be delivering our Mustang on Wednesday (today). What a wonderful representative Mr. Stewart is for your company. Even though it was 17 degrees outside this morning, Pat was very meticulous in off loading our car and even placed it into our garage. He spent quite a bit of time with us even though he was scheduled to pick up other units in northern Texas today. I just wanted to let you know that my wife, Winn and I certainly appreciated his very courteous and professional manner in delivering our “dream” car.

If there is anything that we can do to provide more positive feedback for Mr. Steward please let us know. His calls prior to delivery were friendly and professional. He is certainly an asset for Reliable Carriers.

Again, thank you and your team for providing a very professional and enjoyable experience in this effort. If we require shipping in the future, Reliable will be our only choice. Please pass along our thanks to Pat.

Best regards, and have a very blessed week ahead!

Terry and Winn


Just wanted to say what a great job you and your team did getting our show truck to the SEMA show and back…great job.

Godfather Customs


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say what a great job your people do. The car arrived about an hour ago and David is extremely happy. Your driver was beyond professional and courteous on both ends of the transaction. He even got me his dog’s blanket to wrap up some parts so the interior was protected.

So, to re-cap, the price, service, communication, and friendliness was absolutely beyond expectation. I ship cars on a regular basis, and will only use Reliable from here on out.

Thank you again for your personal assistance.

Ron P.


I wanted to follow up and send a note of thanks for the excellent Job the Reliable drivers do day in day out with our cars. This week we had 2 cars coming from Chicago going to Indy. The driver on the job ” John Mitz” I hope this is spelled correct, did a above and beyond job. These cars were both picked up ahead of schedule and John gave me a call with the status at P/U and then followed up with our Indy team letting them know time of arrival as well as his current position. These cars were both cleared the day Prior coming back from Doha Qatar and then headed to Indy for a ” Tune Up ” prior to next weeks races. As always John represented the Best in class that your team puts forth ..

Bob thanks for everything you and your team do .

Gordon S.

Hello Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your company for transporting my Morgan +8 that I purchased at Auctions America (RM Auctions) in Ft. Lauderdale a few weeks ago. It is a long haul to Blaine, Washington, and I am sure that the last legs from Sacramento, California north, in the pouring rain, was not an easy chore for your driver.

The truck arrived at the agreed upon location at exactly the agreed time. This gave us just enough leeway to get the paperwork processed at the border to facilitate export/import to Canada. The driver, Jose Magana, was friendly and courteous and was very careful in unloading the car, which was in excellent condition as promised. I certainly appreciate the care that he took.

Thanks Bob for keeping me apprised of the progress of the truck as it crossed the US and then headed North. I have no hesitation in giving a recommendation for your company should it be required.


You Guys Rock

Denny S.

The 3 drivers you sent to get the cars were very helpful, polite and good company representatives. Thx for your help.

David G.

Dear Mr. Adams,

I am a snowbird who requires my Lexus to be transported to Arizona and then returned to Michigan. I have used various transportation companies in the past, but for the past two years have used Reliable Carriers and I thought perhaps you would be interested in knowing that I am very pleased with the result.

All your employees that I have had contact with have done an excellent job and do deserve accolades. They are easy to do business with and certainly aim to please, namely, Bryan Hayward, John G. who manages to deliver the car when I need it and the drivers Mel and Rosemary Peehart. And, best of all, it is returned to me without any scratches.

Sincerely your,
Gloria D.

Dear Dale,

Just wanted to say thank you for great service. The car arrived today and Mike was great.

I look forward to doing more business with you.

Best regards,
Mohammed H.

Hello Dave,

Per our conversation on the phone today, 05/23. I want to thank you for the great job your driver, Martin did on these 4 units going to Indianapolis, IN.

We had some issues at the port of Baltimore and his professionalism was great according to the Lotus. I know for a fact all your drivers do a great job, but he went above and beyond with this load.

Thank you,
Evelyn A.

Hi Team,

Great News, Thanks for a good job done. This is the 2nd time I have got you to do a long haul and i appreciate your service and care but most of all your safety record, it must be hell wondering what nature is going to throw at you each day, ie typhoons ect.

Steve S.

Dear Mr. Sellers,

A short note to thank you and your driver, David Stephens, for delivering my 1932 Chevy today. He was very careful and professional. I think you are lucky to have him working for you.

The car arrived in good condition!

Robert E.

Dear Mr. Sellers,

Yesterday your company delivered a car fro me in New Hope, PA. The driver was Ed Pastore. the delivery was a little unusual in that there were road conditions and possible truck restrictions which made the delivery potentially troublesome.

Throughout the afternoon before the actual delivery I had a number of telephone conversations with Ed. In each of them Ed showed a willingness to tackle all the difficulties that we foresaw. He even talked to the New Hope Town Manager about the possibility of restrictions and how not to violate them.

Ed’s “can do” attitude was invaluable. It satisfied the client. It certainly satisfied me. Overall his good humor made the job a great deal easier. He is a great member of your team. I recommend more money for him.

Best Regards,
Robert L.

Hello Bob,

Another one is in the record books! We had a great event and I just wanted to send you a quick note of personal thanks for taking care of the Prudhomme car. Hope and Alan were great – they took good care of us.

As usual Mike and Cindy are first class – I don’t know where you get this caliber of person but they really are first class. It is evident to me that they love what they do and they speak very highly of you and Tom. I spent quite a bit of time talking with them and they are really good people. I invited them to the pig roast on Friday night (they missed it last year because they had no car!) so I gave them my 67 Hemi GTX to drive back and forth – what does that say! They were busy all weekend, said they had a great show and look forward to returning next year – as do I.

Thanks again – you have a great operation!


Thank you !!!

First time I have used you guys and I promise it wont be the last. Very professional !!

Dave J.

Bob / Larry,

My car was dropped off yesterday by Mel and his wife – as expected, service was excellent. I now must settle my account with you. Mel asked that I call to confirm how that would be done, so I will do that today.


Thank you for the great service, The pick up team, Mel and Rosemary were great and also the delivery team.

Thanks again,

Thanks for the professional service.

Charlie S.


The car arrived tonight. Frank the driver was great! He called when he got close, great job handling the car. I really couldn’t be happier.

Thanks again for all your help, and if I ever need to recommend you to someone, I would not hesitate.

Buddy W.


I wanted to follow up with a extra special thanks to your team. Dave Mesack and Dale Wilson really went above and beyond this weekend to assist us with a last minute request that was received last Friday evening. Both guys continued to follow up through out the weekend and today to ensure that the move was on track. It certainly makes a difference knowing that your team really cares and will go the extra mile to ensure the job gets done.

I know that I spoke with you today and Saturday but wanted to make sure I took the time to send this note recognizing the efforts of Dale and Dave.

Brenda B.

I am very thankful and pleased with the service that was provided to me and wanted you to know.

My name is Sharon Downing from Dowingtown, PA and last Monday, July 25, I called and spoke with Tom Splan who took the necessary information to have my Austin Healey transported to South Boston, MA. He was a pleasure to work with and very informative, as he explained all the details to both myself and my daughter – the recipient of the vehicle.

Yesterday, Chris and Paula Kite came to pick up the car, they were a delightful couple and gave me a total sense of comfort, trust, and capability.

They left my residence at approximately 5:30 PM and delivered the Austin Healey to South Boston at 7:00 AM this morning – wow, speedy delivery!

I must say you have some good people working for you and I would certainly reference your carrier service. Please pass on my comments to those individuals involved in this service as well as to your management team.

Thank you, again!
Sharon A. Downing

Just wanted to let you folks know what a great employee you have in Gary Horn. Gary delivered my El Camino on Tuesday 8/1 on time and in perfect condition. He was super careful in unloading in a confined space. He kept me informed along the way from clear water Florida all the way to San Diego California. He is a very personable individual and an asset to your company.

Fred R, a very happy customer

Have I told you how great Mel and Rosemary are? We’ve had a couple tricky situations lately and they have been amazing!

Lisa C.


Just wanted to drop a quick line and say thanks for getting the cars out of California back to Iowa and Georgia. It was faster than expected and as always first class service. I hope you are doing well.

Your extremely satisfied customer!

Jamie M.

I just had my Corvette moved out to New Jersey, and I wanted to say how pleased I was with the whole experience! Mr. John Golembiowski set up the move quickly and easily, and the Driver, Mr. Edward Anaya, was very helpful, careful, and considerate.

Doug P.
Canton, Michigan

Dear Mr. Steve Bradley,

I am writing to tell you what a great job your drivers Bill Craig and Ken did for us. We were very nervous about transporting our 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and had made at least a dozen phone calls until your company was recommended to us. Emily at your dispatch office helped us schedule the pickup. We had to wait a couple of weeks since the big car show was going on in California. But boy, was it ever worth the wait. Just as soon as the car was picked up in El Paso, Texas, I knew after meeting these two gentlemen that our car was in good hands. I watched them load the car and they were super efficient and careful. They called us when they arrived in town. The car arrived sooner than we expected and Bill and Ken were just as courteous, friendly, and professional as could be. The whole thing was so smooth and effortless for us it was a great relief. We will never hesitate to recommend your company. We will always use your company for our car transport needs. Thank you so much.

Rebecca S.
Houston, Texas

Over my 4 years in my present position, I have worked with, alongside and from an arms length with about 150 companies. Virtually all of those relationships have been very favorable; many have been great.

However, Your Company — Your People, particularly Harold Silverman, have been absolutely at the top of companies I have had the pleasure of working with.

Harold, you are one of the most responsible external business person I’ve worked with. In perspective, I’ve worked with many companies’ Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors. The Professionalism you exhibit was demonstrated via email, over the phone and in person during visits to various company sites.

In summary, if I described your company, I would simply use the following terms: Professional, Courteous, Capable, Expert, Creative and Successful.

Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Best Reagrds,
Michael O.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note about our recent experience with Reliable Carriers.

Steve Payne did an outstanding job, he exceeded all of our expectations. Not only did he deliver our vehicles on time and in perfect condition, he did it on Thanksgiving as per our request. We were even able to share some Turkey pie and have a good visit!

Please be sure to extend our thanks to Steve, he’s first class in our books.

Best regards,
Brian B.

Dear Mr. Adams,

As you know the Rennsport IV and Quail Historic Race Car events have come to a close at Monterey, CA that was the most spectacular evet I have ever witnessed and participated in. My POrsche 904-028 was cared for by superb drivers, Mike Coffey (outbound), and David and Pam Whidden (inbound) as delivered from and to Gilson Motorposrts in Troy. As an extra treat, I was able to see the Porsche factory GT1 that won Le Mans in 1998, and the Porsche 959 Rothman race car that was destined for Saratoga, New York. the 904 was certainly in good company.

I was most impressed by your professional drivers who really cared for “my baby” (904-028 Porsche). After putting the Porsche to bed at Gilson Motorsports, I thanked David and Pam for a job well done, and wished them a safe journey to their next destination.

Please tell Bob Sellers that I really appreciated all his help in arranging this shipment. Bob, my congratulations on your daughter’s marriage!

If I should need a transporter in the future, you can count on Reliable Carriers Corp. to do the job. It was comforting to know my Porsche was in good hands.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander P.

Peter & Sarah

A quick note to tell you the car was delivered right on time Monday morning. It looks great! Just like you said. A big thank you for all your service.

Also the Reliable driver and his wife couldn’t have been more courteous. They kept me updated on their location throughout the trip. The driver’s wife was still trying to polish the car as I was driving off!

If you have a chance to convey my thanks to Reliable I would appreciate it. They deserve an “A” for their customer service.

Best regards,

Bob personally handled my transaction, even took the time to meet me and my wife at my car display. When I saw my car got to go with the Tucker I knew I was in good hands.

Thanks Reliable

Lee P
1970 Gold 442

Excellent Service:

First time the car has been out of my hands since the day I got it and it was just like it never left my hands.

Thank you Bob Sellers and drivers, Mike, Cindy and Enrique.

Eddie M.
69 ZL1 Camaro
70 Nova

Thank You!

Bob, I wanted to say thank you. The service provided by Reliable & Harold Calhoun was outstanding!

Harold is a true gentleman and a certified car nut. I gave him a quick tour of some of my cars.

Thank you – Larry W

Hi Bob,

Thanks again for helping us out. Hopefully, the work we did on the Redster today will make for an easy load and offload for your driver(s).

Again, we appreciate it!



Thanks to you and Carl and all the behind the scenes people at Reliable for a great pick up this morning at Gunner’s Great Garage. Things went very smoothly. Angelo Van Bogart, the editor of Old Cars Weekly, gave up his Saturday morning to come over, as did Bert Lehman of the local press.

As for me, I had a unique experience “riding” the Buick up into the truck.

I can’t wait until Brad sees his new car in person.


John G.

Hello Bob,

Thanks for everything! Bob just picked up the 3 vehicles. He’s going directly to the Mungenast location. Say’s that he’ll unload in the morning. Everything went smooth as silk.

Have a good time in Detroit.

John S.


On December 6th I received the Dodge Viper that I purchased in Henderson NV. I had your company deliver it in an enclosed trailer to my residence in Cypress California. I just want to let you know that the couple that delivered my Viper were fantastic! I was in continuous contact with Rob and Michele Hughes and they took very good care of me and my new car. I was initially told that it would take anywhere from one to three weeks to get the car but Rob and Michele got me the car in just one week which I was just thrilled about. In conclusion, I just would like to say your company is being well represented and it is obvious that customer service is your companies top priority.

Bill D.
Cypress, CA.

Mr. Sellers

Our Dream Car was delivered late last week(01/19/12) by Dave and Susan Lewis, 24 hours early! Since you are very busy with the auctions of Barrett Jackson and Mecum, we didn’t expect to take delivery for 3-4 weeks (between Austin, TX and Sarasota, FL) after contracting with you on 01/05.

My husband and I were amazed how efficiently the Lewises offloaded the Vette, checked it over carefully and then proceeded to completely wipe it down! They are truly professional, and also very personable and pleasant. Dave gave us a few pointers concerning the Vette, things we didn’t realize prior to getting the car but would have eventually learned about while studying the owner’s manual.
We are so thankful we selected Reliable Carriers; it’s very easy to see why Reliable is the “Carrier of Choice” for so many auction buyers. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!

Gratefully yours,
Jan and Leslie H.
2004 Corvette Z06 Commemorative Edition


I wanted to report that all 7 vehicles were delivered today by your two drivers. Everything worked out great and the cars were in wonderful condition. I want to compliment both drivers as they are great guys and really enjoy working for Reliable. They only had good things to say and that means something in today’s world.

Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to using Reliable for all my auto-moving needs!

Kirk E.
Royal, Arkansas

I was very pleased with every aspect of doing business with your company. I felt that Dale Wilson at Orlando Mecum Auction and Dave Armstrong, the driver were very professional and courteous. They seemed to go above and beyond in making sure my car and I were taken care of properly. It was a pleasure doing business with them, and I would highly recommend Reliable Carriers.

Rex S.

Dave Akers and Dale Wilson,

I’ve done a lot of auto transporting in my days…..never have I had a driver like Ken. He is the best, knowledgeable, courteous and fast off-loading.

Thank you Ken & Reliable Carriers

Lynn K

Dear Bob,

I wanted to follow up with you after our call Friday, February 10; to reiterate and recognize the fantastic job Patrick Stewart did in delivering my 1996 Dodge Viper to Big Rock, Illinois. I compliment you as well for being so helpful and responsive when I asked if the delivery could be made nearer to my home due to snow.

When I spoke directly with Patrick he was cordial and understanding to my needs arriving exactly at 1:00 PM as he stated. He took meticulous care in unloading and handling the car. Patrick even offered and drove my other automobile to pick me up given I live on a rural road approximately one mile from the delivery point.

Being in the distribution business with Golden State Foods, I know how important associates like Patrick are. Patrick is deserving of Driver of the Month as I saw you have such a program n your website. At Golden State Foods we live by four values, one of which is “treat others like you want to be treated”. Patrick did just that last Friday as he is a great ambassador for your brand. Please pass my thanks to Patrick.

Very truly yours,
Paul S.

Dear Mr. Sellers,

Writing you a quick note to compliment one of your drivers on a job very well done. I’m not a wealthy man but lucky enough to have earned my way into a 2008 Katech ZO6 which I pride in owning. I’m relocating for a promotion to Idaho and was very nervous about moving the cars… until Mike arrived on the scene.

Truck was spotless… even the floor mat was clean. Mike was extremely professional, obviously following a good procedure which I admired but he also had a nice personal touch, very inviting and that made all the difference in the world.

I very much admire Mike’s performance and if I move again or need my car moved I will request Mike.

Many thanks,
Mark Currie

The car arrived perfect! Lee was fantastic and I will certainly use you again.

Thank you!
Ken B.

Hi Dale!

The car is indeed great. I want to thank you and Reliable Carriers very much doing a fantastic job on this for me. I realize that it was just one car, yet your organization took such good care of me and of the car that I was very very impressed and grateful. Starting with your patience when the car was not ready, then keeping me appraised of where it was in the process, and finally delivering it ON THE DOT in terms of promised time, despite horrible weather the prior night.

The driver was also fantastic. He looked at the car closer than any of the people at the dealership did and pointed out a few things I would have never found but that need to be fixed. He was also a very pleasant, professional and efficient.

You really are what the company promises. I will refer anyone who plans to have a car shipped to you, and will definitely work with you in the future.

Rafal Z.

Thank you for your superior service on delivering my 2010 Corvette Grand Sport. Mark your driver kept me informed during entire process from pickup to delivery & all points in between. Mark and your organization’s customer service level is world class, A +. I will use and recommend Reliable Carrier in the future.

Terry F.
Hudson WI

Hi my name is Terry, I recently contracted with Reliable Carriers to have my 2010 Corvette Grand Sport shipped from Atlanta Georgia to my home in Hudson Wisconsin. I bought this car site unseen, your driver Mark was dispatched to this delivery. I was so impressed with his customer service skills and constant contact with me.

Your organization is truly a world class operation & made my experience a memorable day for me the day I finally got to lay eye’s on my car. I will defiantly use Reliable Carriers again and recommend your company to others.

Thanks again,
Terry F.

Full satisfaction. The couple that drove the rig and did the delivery were GREAT!

Thank you!
Kevin S.

Thanks for the great service. We will use your company again.

Jim and Shirley

Your driver, Glen, is top grade, qualifying him for your company bonus. He called me at 7 AM as he was delivering in Bayonne. In fact, give him two bonuses.


Dear Ladies,

I would like to give the complements to your driver Dean of this weekend. Both the customer and I were very pleasted with the service Dean offered.

Thanks and best regards,
Bart U.

Mr. Sellers:

In early March, I contacted All Coast Auto Transport to transport my 1970 Dodge Challenger to the Mecum Auction in Houston. I explained which 2 days for pickup and which 2 days to deliver. She took my deposit and I was instructed to call their dispatch on 3/28 to verify the pick up time. When I called on the 28th, I was told they could not guarantee the pickup or the delivery, as a matter of fact sir, we really can’t guarantee you anything. I immediately called Reliable for a quote and was told to call back in a day or so to verify everything. I was assured that everything would be just fine. Things could not have gone better. Your driver, Lee, called and told me when he would arrive and he was on my parking lot exactly when he said he would be. Lee took great care with my car, and I did not have the slightest concern that it would be delivered as promised. Lee is a good one.

Three days later, with 4 hours left in the final day of check-in in Houston, and the car already on the floor, I received a call from All Coast dispatch. This person said, “Mr. Hill, what day is it that you need someone to pick up your car?” I’m afraid I laughed in her ear. You are kidding right?

American Express is in the process of recovering my deposit and this boy has learned a lesson. If you need a car moved, call Reliable.

Ken H.

Gentlemen / Ladies of the Reliable Team…

Your delivering driver and the overall service was outstanding. This was a difficult task, but your organization did it flawlessly.

Thanks from the Lady-of-’24 and myself to each of you. Very professional all around.

Warmest Regards to a customer who will look your way again.

F. J. Kenefick


Please pass to the whole RELIABLE Team my thanks for such prompt and courteous service. I will spread the word through the USN.

Great job.
Doug K.

Hi Bob,

A quick note of thanks for the wonderful and professional job that everyone at Reliable has done.

From Dale’s call stating that Tom A. was thinking of moving our collection. To Dale’s professionalism. To your driver, Bob’s (didn’t catch his last name, tractor # 30776) communication, detail, courtesy and professionalism.

What a great team!

See you at Indy.
John Safro

Mike and Tanner were both exceptionally professional, personable, helpful and a huge credit to your organization. I have worked with a number of Transport companies throughout the last 17 years and have never had such a positive experience with the drivers. You should be proud that these guys are on your team. I know there was a third driver…but I don’t think I met him . Thanks for doing a great job for us and sending such outstanding people to deal with.

Best regards.


You probably wonder how I knew about you, but I remember Cindy White telling me her boss was Bob Sellers and I know that because there is a dealership around my home so I remembered your name.

The reason I am writing you is for Margaret Dunning, Tanner was our driver who picked up Margaret’s 1930 Packard to take it down to the Keels and Wheels show in Houston, Texas. We wrote this letter on the plane ride home, but I am typing it for Margaret as she is 102 years old! Yes that is right born in 1910. This car means the world to her, since she has had it since 1949 so she was very excited to see it make it down to Texas with no problem.

We are writing you to commend Tanner Landon for being so professional on the handling of her vehicle and all the others that were on board. He made sure that because this vehicle was very heavy he had to add extra straps for the ramp….We spent time with Tanner, Mike and Cindy White. They were so nice, to not only Margaret but to my mom, husband and I. They even let 102 year old Margaret climb up into their cab so she could see the nice little home they have. Margaret wanted to drive the truck, but we felt she couldn’t turn the wheel! You are probably scared at this point, but she does still drive!

We all wanted you to know how impressed we were with your fleet of trucks, and your drivers, every truck was so nicely cared for and their uniforms were clean and very professional. These three were with us alot this weekend as Margaret won her award we invited them to come sit with us at the awards ceremony because without their tender loving care the Packard would not have arrived safely.

So we will praise Reliable Carriers as the carrier to use to haul your vehicle, and if we get our invitation to Pebble Beach or Jay Leno show we will request these drivers! (this is Margaret’s wish)…

If you talk to them, can you tell them to google Margaret Dunning as the New York Times is doing another article on her which should hit tomorrow or the next day! You can google her and see her first article if you are interested.

Thank you,
Dan and JoAnne C.

This week I had your company transport/deliver a vehicle to me from Middleton, Wi to Highspire, Pa.

I want to let you know that the driver, Phillip (not sure last name) was very professional and courteous.

Also the vehicle he delivered would not start in the truck, so he pushed it out of the trailer and tried to help me get it started. When we realized that it was not going to start, I phoned for a tow truck and your driver even waited with me and the car until tow truck arrived. I think he went probably well beyond the acts of just delivering a vehicle to a customer.

Please tell Phil, because he was concerned and tried to help, that once I got the vehicle towed home, I pulled the plugs and the plugs were bad. So after replacing the plugs, the vehicle started right up.

Again, I want to thank your company for the prompt, profession and courteous delivery.

Joe K.

Hi Kevin,

Just a quick email to say Thank You for both the recent collection/deliveries from Laguna & New Hudson you set up for me.

Both drivers were brilliant (as always) on time, courteous, handled the cars with professionalism – all went very well.

Many thanks

I received my car last week and I just thought I’d take the time to extend “cudos” to you folks over there. This was kind of a “tough” transaction for me, a trade of one of my cars for one from an unknown gentleman. As my old car was delivered some time before the other cars was picked up, I was a bit anxious about my half of the deal. Pete, over there, went out of his way to put my mind at ease and picked up my new car holding it until such a time as he could send it my way. He’s a keeper! Above and beyond!

The drivers on both ends were pros and friendly also.

Thanks again,
a Happy “new” ’65 owner, Keith

Your driver is a great guy! 5 stars!


Thanks again Bob. You guys are a pleasure to deal with and I’ll make suret Ferrari buddies know that. Brian and Jessie are super! Cheers.

Erik V.

To Whom It May Concern,

We at the Chicago Moving Center would like to acknowledge the work of your driver Carl Wallin who recently worked with us on a project regarding a race team and car from Japan going to Nebraska. We are very grateful for his help and his professionalism at all times. Even our customer had many kind words regarding his work. We do not do this type of work often, but if the opportunity ever came up again, we would certainly request for Carl to be our driver. He is a credit to your organization. Thank you again, Reliable Carriers and Harold Silverman for arranging for the event, support and services.

Best Regards,
Tony D.
Chicago Moving Center

Dear Mr. Purol,

I would like to say many thanks to you and your outstanding empolyees. They represent your carrier company and themselves very well with kindness and super service.

This was the first time I’ve had the need to transport a car. Rino Pagnucco, a friend of mine and a past customer, referred me to reliable. Larry, in the Canton, Michigan office, assisted me with a quote and later the number to the Chandler, Arizonia office.(71 lemans I purchased was in phoenix).

I had much difficulity with my contact person who was to tow car to your Chandler yard. I called Chandler office and spoke with Al Abrams who handled my concerns as his own. He had a truck heading back to Michigan and arranged to pick the car up. Car was close, in Phoenix 13 miles south of Chandler yard, but a world away it seemed to me. I rested easier and felt relieved, after talking with Al.

Next came a phone call from truck drivers Tammy and Robert Smith. In only two days time, they had my car here for delivery to my house. Gave them directions, avoiding some local constuction, and they arrived right on time they told me. Was raining pretty hard. They unloaded car and even helped push car into my backyard. (car is a rolling shell, no engine or trans). With some friendly conversation, (they took time to share some stories and got to know a bit about each other), we finished business and they were off.

I was able to thank Robert and Tammy Smith in person with exchange of smiles and handshake. I called both Larry in Mich office and Al in Chandler to thank them over phone. I also wanted to inform you of the personal service, help and attention given to me from your people. Service was exceptional!

I will refer Reliable Carriers in highest standards.

Tony K.

Hello Bob,

Sorry it took as long as it did to send this email to you, but my PC is once again free from packing and operating once again.

I wanted to thank both you and Donnie Meizo for the absolute professional treatment of my two cars recently.

Donnie was ahead of schedule on both the pick up and delivery. He was friendly, polite and patient on both ends. He even offered me coffee the morning of the pick up as it was early (0600). Talk about customer service!

Also important of course is the safe handling during loading and transporting. Happy to say that both cars arrived without any issues.

I have moved my cars before, but will only use Reliable from this day forward.

I will add that I recommended Reliable to my friends who also recently moved and they told me they were delighted with their driver and your service.

Thanks again and best regards,
Rick R.

Good morning Dale,

I just wanted to let you know that my Superbird arrived yesterday safe and sound (7-7-12), the driver (Dave Armstrong) was very courteous and professional. Dave kept me in informed during the entire delivery process via phone.What i also realized is how hard Dave worked while unloading the car and i did not want to let this go unnoticed. Dale, if you could forward this email to the Orlando office i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again,

Joey Morrison


I wanted you to know what a pleasure it was meeting your driver Corey Reynolds! He was very professional in his appearance, conduct and handling of my car (as well as being very pleasant). I feel you are very fortunate to have him as a member of your staff.

Thank you for a job done exceedingly well.

John Huseby

My friend John…

Just wanted to tell you how great, nice and professional Gerald is!!!

He is cool and did a great job on pickup I WON 1ST Place……..Tough Judging!!!!!!!!

John Please…

Take my Olds out and go to lunch with the General Motors Retirees ……Show this car off a little! HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE NO RAIN OR HAIL!!!

I know you deal with much, much nicer automobiles…….but my car IS VERY RARE, CLEAN and ORIGINAL!!

At the Nationals…..I had the only 1973 Cutlass Supreme out of over 300 Cars, there was a 73 442 but not in my condition!

I would just like to give the car a little exposure while in your hands!!!!

So if Jay Leno….or any other collector is coming through your warehouse…..maybe they want to see the Cutlass!


There are more Oldsmobile and American Car Fans walking around Your Offices….than in Vermont!!!!


That is why to take your time and wait till you have a Full truck EASTBOUND!

Seriously, if I do not see it again till August 1st…..I’m Happy!!

I won’t even be back in Vermont till Saturday and just as a reminder next week will be gone on Saturday July 21 through Sunday July 22nd!!!!

Appreciate all Your Time and please give my best to Gerald as well as Jim who was Fantastic also on the way out!!!!!!

I just wanted to drop an email and tell you how happy I am with your company.

I have been in the car collector hobby for 30 plus years and I have never worked with such a great delivery company as yours! My Corvette was wrapped in plastic and free of any type of dirt/oil etc. I would recommend your company to any of my car collector friends!

Thanks for the great service.

Jeff M, Cleveland Ohio

Just wanted to let you know what a positive experience we had with Reliable Carriers.

From my original contact with Larry, to picking up the vehicle in Canton, we were impressed with the process.

There were no surprises or problems. Everything happened exactly when and how we were told they would.

It took any concerns out of the process. The seller was concerned(having had a bad experience with another carrier) yet was very pleased with how the pickup went. He was contacted well in advance and the driver showed up on time. The equipment used was top notch.

My hats off to Larry and to Chuck Sullivan for making the process so easy. They are true assets to your organization.

We confidently and highly recommend(and have) Reliable Carriers to any Auto Enthusiasts.

Thanks again,
Ed & Mary A.

Just an outstanding service from Harvard Il To Ocala FL. Everyone along the way was great. If I ever need to move a vehicle again It will be you. I guess the guys in Orlando liked my 69 Chevy truck.

Again Thanks
Ed B.

I want to thank you and your company for the wonderful auto shipping experience. On time, professional , courteous. Will contact you in 6 weeks to ship new cars(2) from Albuquerque to San Diego.

Thanks, Rick

The driver that dropped off our car was super! We would definately do business with you again.

Ken W.


Thank you for your assistance in transporting the vehicle. We are very pleased with the courteous, quick service of the driver and all the assistance Kevin provided. Truly a wonderful experience and would not hesitate to recommend your company or use your company again if needed.



I heard word this afternoon from my customer, that Mike Tack did a phenomenal job during last week’s photo shoot in the Florida Keys. Anything that the crew needed, such as water or fuel, Mike filled the request. I understand Mike even had at least one late night where he stood by.

Truly above and beyond efforts.

As a consequence of you and Mike’s efforts, my job is more pleasant when the customer is happy. So thank you on my behalf as well.

Just wanted to pass along the wonderful news. Keep up the great work!

Cathy H.


I just wanted to tell you guys that Reliable did a very nice job getting my GP from Kalamazoo to Tampa, and Lee, the truck driver was great. He was courteous, professional, and he kept me informed as to where he was and when. Excellent service and a very pleasant guy!

If you could pass along how much I enjoyed working with him, I’d appreciate it.

If he has a company email that I can send a thank you note to, I’d appreciate that as well.



Just a note to say THANK YOU to you and your drivers for a job well done!!! As you know my CAMP vehicles are more than just one of a kind pro-types … with it being days to the final date of the program it was imperative that all my cars get from point A to point B without incident.

Even the client was happy to know that the movements went smoothly.

Thanks again to you and your staff!!!


I wanted to send a note on my recent experience using your companies service.

I transported a 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible from Prospect, Ky to Bradenton, Fl.

I want to compliment Pete in your Canton, Mi Customer Service office who was able to arrange pickup of my vehicle in a timely manner. Previous communication via another office had not provided any satisfactory information in 14 days.

Our driver, Richard was super. Great communication, professional and an asset to your company.

Overall I am very satisfied with the customer experience due to these two folks.

Jim H.

Mr. Sellers,

I wish to pass on some praise for several of your employees. Brandi was the first person in your company with whom I had contact. She answered all of my concerns quickly and politely which has become, unfortunately, a rarity. This was the first time I used your company and will do so in the future. Your drivers were excellent and by watching them load my car, at different times, I could see that they held to the same safety regs. Good training somewhere. The pick up, driver was Tom. Scot and Brady was the return driver.


I had a very positive experience with your company. Your driver kept me informed on when he would be here, was courteous, and patient when we had trouble getting the car started to get it off the truck. I have already recommended you to someone else as a result of this positive experience. I will not hesitate to use you in the future as well.

Thank you
Byron E. Enix


Mike did a great job with the Camaro. Thank you so much for working with me on the date.

Dale P. Stuban


Cars were picked up yesterday by your driver, Zane. Your drivers never disappoint. Always top-notch!! Just wanted to let you know you employ rock stars that do an impeccable job!!

See you in Vegas Baby!!!


Good afternoon,

It stopped raining, construction stopped to watch, and the car is now loaded and pointed South!

The Driver kept us informed as he was headed our way and everything worked out well. It is always a pleasure to work with Reliable!

Thanks everyone for your patience & help!



Our vehicle was delivered this afternoon. I wish to again thank You and Tom for all of your help and great service.


Hi Folks,

Just had Ricky deliver a ’63 Studebaker from Hershey. On time and perfect, as expected. I’m writing to tell you about Ricky spending over an extra hour getting the car movable. I could have called a tow service but he wouldn’t let me. Got things working and the car tucked away in garage for the night. Please give him some extra brownie points. He’s a great guy and deserves them. I had four cars transported in last 2 years, and Ricky’s service points me in the direction of Reliable for next time.

Steve N.


Now I see what you meant by asking if I liked motorcycles.

Gerald had been in contact with me and we made arrangements where he could unload.

It was dark and his rig looked like Christmas coming down the highway.

Four of my friends were wanting to see my car and were there when Gerald pulled in and parked. They were more impressed with his semi. None of us had seen a HD series tractor – Only the Ford pickups. It was a hoot. He said that it was going to be in the background of a bike advertisement. If so, could you please send a copy to me? That would be interesting since my ‘ 65 Skylark Gran Sport had been on it.

Gerald was very professional and I finally got to see my investment on Friday night. I will be 69 in November and I need to get some pleasure out of it.

After a quick car wash on Saturday, I took it to a local cruise-in.

Thank you for getting the ball rolling on the west coast.

John (Bill) H.