A Driver’s Milestone

Enclosed auto transport driver Evelio Lainez has been driving a tractor trailer since he was 18 years old.  He has been a professional auto transporter for Reliable Carriers since 2012, and is well known for his positive, can-do attitude.   Evelio feels it is his responsibility to keep out of the customer’s mind.  When a client feels confidence in the service we provide it affords them peace of mind, and they simply don’t need to think about us.   This driver enjoys his job, and is quick to recall moments in his career that stand out.  On one occasion he delivered a car handed down from father to son as a keep sake.  The smile on the customer’s face when his father’s favorite car was delivered is something he will always remember.   “This job is rewarding in more ways than one.  I get to move prototypes that will be part of our future.  I get to be part of that.  This is Team Orange.   We don’t slack off and we are always number one.”

Evelio recently purchased a new Peterbilt 150 double bunk sleeper which quite a milestone in his career as an enclosed auto transporter.   “I love it!  It drives like a Cadillac and pulls like a bull.  The only problem is, every time I stop everyone wants to look at it! ”

The tractor has side door, deployable electric side steps and accent lights on the interior, exterior and underneath.  The lighting color can be controlled by a phone application using any color of the rainbow, but Evlio leans usually leans toward orange.  The exterior lights are dual revolution that can be changed from amber to blue on demand. 

The way Evelio sees it, this milestone was a truly team effort.  “If we weren’t number one, I could not have made this happen.  Everyone on the team had a hand in making this dream come true for me including the sales staff, operations team, office personnel, shop maintenance staff, and Tom Abrams spearheading the team.   Tom once said to me – You always have to be proud, but don’t just tell me – show me.”